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Spiritual Manna for Spiritual Warfare Series (Fritz's endtime devotionals)

How Was Hitler Connected to Brooklyn, N.Y. ? (Hitler and the Watchtower)

The Illuminati love to manipulate mankind through the manipulation of their legends and religions. One faction, which is particularly proud of their work, has been working to develop the Watchtower Society's religion (the Jehovah's Witnesses) as the world religion of the future after W.W.III.

" IF MY PEOPLE . . . "   ---  Practical Solutions to the World Order

Excerpt:  One vital ability displayed by popular socially-adept people-persons is the ability to let go and just be oneself. In order to do that, they must leave behind fears of who they are. A popular short person has probably come to accept his shortness and use it as an asset. Are we afraid to look at ourselves? If so, then our prayer life to God suffers from our shallow phoniness. God may not respond to us in hopes we will take an honest look at ourselves when we face Him. In fact, He may refuse our prayer requests in hopes our troubles motivate us to introspection.

Media Accomplices to 911 Crime Deserve Indictment

Excerpt:  Isn't it a delight that our media works hand in glove with our government? No one is going to plug politically incorrect material into our minds. We will all be united on the same page of information, and marching off to war inunison. Of course, people in other countries are disappointed that we don't have a free press. They find it strange that we Americans spend hours shoppingaround for the best model car but we seldom shop for news information. After all, they point out, weren't the roots of this nation founded on a free flow of information, and the chance for debate to sort out the facts?  This article is meant to take you back to the roots of what made America the envy of the world.

To Love or Hate: Know Your Enemy

Excerpt:  This article has been written in response to people repeatedly asking me, "Are we headed for W.W.III?"  This is a valid question considering Osama bin Laden has been circulating the manuscript of his unpublished book (which he wrote) entitled America and the Third World War.  For years I have been looking beyond the theatrical symbols of the world's movers and shakers and examining the underlying realities. These global elite would not dare let you know their plans, but I will provide you with more details so that you might know your enemy, for whether you chose to love or hate your enemy, you need to know them.

Who Are The Next Victims From This Order Out Of Chaos?

Excerpt:: Christ said, "Blessed are the peacemakers." But our nation is already  preparing to lash out. CBS's anchorman blathered that it was O.K. that America hit the wrong targets when we retaliated for the embassy bombings because we showed the world we could lash out, reach out and hit someone. If our leaders really want to protect us, de-escalate the violence, don' escalate it. Will any leaders have the sense not to over-react, or will every last one of them follow along with the most recent order-out-of-chaos script?

Endangered Species Americanicus Farmer Makes Comeback At Klamath Falls

Excerpt: No one in the cntrolled media will dare give you the real facts. The large doses of propaganda we are getting are hiding the real issues. I decided to go to the area and get the facts first hand, and I talked to people on all sides of the issues, but mostly from the farmer's side. Very few people understand them. Having farmed as a teenager, and having been a farmer for a few years as an adult, I understand them. This is a first hand report from the Klamath Basin inspired by being involved in the battle...

No Censorship is Good Censorship

Excerpt: "There's a kind of hush, all over the world. So listen very carefully, you know what I mean, it isn't a dream." We love to see singers express themselves in song. We love to see athletes express their energy on the field and on the court. Music and art are expressions of who we are. However, when I heard this song it didn't make me think of "lovers in love" but how there is a hush (Big Brother's censorship) all over the world. It's enough to bring tears to any signer of the Declaration of Independence. The World Order has been turning the clock back on our civil rights. Personal sensitivities don't concern them, unless it happens to be offensive to those in political power. You can commit genocide against millions of Christian people during the 1980's and 90's, and it can go unreported, but don't you dare criticize homosexuality.

How To Fail Or Succeed

Excerpt: Americans watch a constant barrage of Hollywood shows and movies where success (and failure) is portrayed. One of the contrasts between foreign films and Hollywood is that the good guys don't always win in the foreign films. While Americans can get disgusted with Hollywood's porn, its violence, its lack of historical accuracy, its superficiality, and its occultism, when was the last time someone complained that the good guys always win in the movies? It's time somebody explained how dangerous this Hollywood programming is.

Ramsey Clark to the Rescue When Slobodan Milosevic Points the Finger: Is History Repeating Itself?

Excerpt: Who has rubbed shoulders with Slobodan Milosevic? Who is he trying to expose? Two of these figures are Illuminati kingpins, Lord Carrington and Brent Scowcroft. Brent Scowcroft has been a member of an elite group called the wise men, who run the United States. This secret group has been known as MJ-12 but it constantly changes its semi-secret official name and has been variously known as Special Study Group, Operations Coordinating Board (OCB), 5412 Committee, 303 Committee, 40 Committee, PI-40 Committee, and carries the secret label in paperwork MAJIC...

Making Sense of Solstice Deaths

Excerpt: Summer Solstice brought us headlines from the CIA controlled ABC Houston channel named ABC13 about a shocking murder (or sacrifice?) of 5 children by their mother Andrea Pia Yates. On June 20, 2001, a thin woman with glasses and long brown hair at the tree-filled 900 block of Beachcomber Lane, in Clear Lake, TX called the Houston police to her nice upper middle class Spanish-style home so that she could show them that she had just murdered her 5 children...

A Missing Ingredient Rediscovered: A Fresh Taste of Happiness and Heaven

Excerpt: I love to sense things, smell things, touch things, taste things, and feel things. I love real life.  I see that modern man is so comfortable in his artificial world that he no longer even trusts his senses. He is afraid of reality. Recently, I heard about a scientific study that spent many tens of thousands of dollars to discover there are differences between men and women. Another expensive study discovered walking is healthy. Another discovered a mother's breast milk is healthier than other kinds of milk including modern formulas.  All these things should be obvious to the casual observer, but not to modern man who no longer trusts his own experiences, but must be spoon-fed truth from the system's modern day witch doctors (i.e. the establishment's authorities).

The Armageddon Plot

Excerpt: The Word of God teaches that there will be a future, visible, personal coming of the Christ who left Palestine approximately 2,000 years ago.

This article exposes a plan to co-opt that teaching so that the satanic hierarchy of the Illuminati can install their own great “Christ”. Their agents have worked both inside and outside of Christendom to co-opt “end-time prophetic” expectations. The Illuminati has encouraged false doctrines within the so-called Christian churches to the point that these false doctrines have become entrenched as religious idols.