NO CENSORSHIP IS GOOD CENSORSHIP (or subtitled another way, No Establishment News is Good News.)



by Fritz Springmeier



It is possible that certain technology is like the release of a genie from the bottle (or something from Pandora's box, depending on your perspective). For instance, digital movie cameras may be enough to give Big Brother a mid-life crisis. It appears that way from two bloody incidents where they were used. Recently, in the anti-globalist riots in Rome, two groups were bloodied by the police: those who battled the police with sticks & captured some of their vehicles, and the other group were those who were sending digital photos over the internet. Another example comes from the L.A. riots where an establishment propaganda news crew had a camera aimed at them by some black kids. The newsmakers activities could not stand the light of exposure, and they were embarrassed by what these black kids did. Their spinmaking was caught red handed.


Big Brother has a better idea than God, its censorship. (. By the way, this article rates G, no dirty movie here.) While we have been busy buying better ways to communicate with new fax machines, new cell phones with automatic digital dialing, satellite dishes, new word processing software, and last but not least digital cameras, Big Brother has been working overtime to control our every communication and thought.


"There's a kind of hush, all over the listen very carefully, you know what I mean, it isn't a dream." We love to see singers express themselves in song.  We love to see athletes express their energy on the field and on the court.  Music and art are expressions of who we are. However, when I heard this song it didn't make me think of "lovers in love" but how there is a hush (Big Brother's censorship) all over the world. It's enough to bring tears to any signer of the Declaration of Independence. The World Order has been turning the clock back on our civil rights. Personal sensitivities don't concern them, unless it happens to be offensive to those in political power. You can commit genocide against millions of Christian people during the 1980's and '90's, and it can go unreported, but don't you dare criticize homosexuality. How, you might ask, can the genocide of millions of Christians go unreported, and a graffiti swastika or rude homosexual joke make the news? There's a kind of hush, all over the world tonight, all over the world you can hear the sound of censorship in action.You know what I mean?


You communicate with people, and you do it in part so that you can be part of something bigger than yourself.  You can change other people's lives for the good with your words. You can give them a vision of what God has planned for them, and what their purpose is on this planet. Words can give life. They can inspire. They have power, and their power, if uncontrolled, scares Big Brother.  Christ was never afraid of words. He never found it necessary to tell someone to shut up. But some of us might be more careful in how we throw words around. Matthew (12:37) states, "By thy words thou shalt be condemned." But God was never afraid of words. He lets humanity blather on, curse Him, speak with a forked tongue, exaggerate, mutter repetitious pagan rituals, or insult someone. For some of us, it might be better if we shut up, but God still gives us the freedom to decide for ourselves. Rush Limbaugh once suggested we practice "Safe Talk" like "Safe Sex". This makes me wonder if the schools in the future will pass out "safe talk condoms" like they pass out "safe sex condoms". God may give us freedom of speech, but not the World System. Since the World System is founded upon deception, it cannot tolerate freedom of communication. They like people to check in their critical thinking like hats and coats, before you enter their audience. They proudly proclaim that all the news that is news they print. This article is some that they missed, and there is a lot more.


It's a popular pastime to think our government is here to protect us. Many Americans relax their entire lifetimes thinking that their mail and telephone conversations are unmonitored. Somehow reality hasn't broken through. Was the reader aware that the Post Office Act of 1908 gave the British government the legal right to open and examine the contents of any mail, and it had the same rights with telegraph communication?  The newspapers have repeatedly reported how the U.S. government examines mail. You may have thought that this happened to the other guy but not you. Unfortunately, there are mail-reading machines that can read your letter's contents without it being opened, and millions of pieces of mail are read everyday. How does this relate to censorship?  In the United States and the U.K., the World Order prefers to use "voluntary" censorship. In other words, if you misbehave you lose your job, or your marriage goes sour, or some accident happens. If you misbehave the IRS may close your church, or take away your non-profit status. The threat of judicial, bureaucratic, job and social punishments helps bring people into line with their unwritten censorship. If they can monitor what you are communicating, then they can apply the pressure to obtain your "voluntary" (but under duress) compliance with their censorship. Big Brother's ability to monitor is part of his ability to censor. Our lack of ability to monitor events is also a type of censorship.


What might have happened if digital cameras and a free Internet had existed back during the American Civil War?  Back then Lincoln had placed the nation illegally under martial law, and politically incorrect newsmen were arrested and politically incorrect newspapers were demolished by the government. All news was censored. In spite of the heavy censorship, draft riots broke out, anti-war demonstrations went on, and people spoke out against the war at great risk to themselves. But what would have happened if people could have seen the horrors of their ill fed, ill-equipped men fighting frightening bloodbaths. How would the cries of deformed and dying wounded men have impacted them? Would digital camera scenes have had more of an impact?  Would mothers have sent their cherished sons off, if they could have seen the legless and armless veterans of the war?  If reports via the Internet had circulated about how government contractors commonly sold defective weapons, inedible food, and worthless equipment, would the scams have ceased?


Of course, all this must not have escaped the think tanks of the World Order. There is a move to eliminate this loophole (i.e. the internet as we know it.) As usual, the operation they have planned will use deception.  One part of the plan appears to be the new XML universal computer language. Microsoft and its rival IBM have teamed up to promote XML.  Once XML is in place, the tentative plan is to quit selling software to people and to lease it. If you want to write an email to your mother you will have to go online to use a word processing program. You will be required to pay a yearly user fee to be able to access the word processing program. In other words, your access to software (which runs your computer) will be controlled, and what can be written and who can write it will be more tightly monitored and controlled.


Further, Microsoft's XML tools, called collectively Hailstorm, work behind the computing scenes to collect information about you. These are really smart programs to assist the World Order in monitoring you, put out under the disguise of regular software.


Programmers who have learned HTML (for web design) are going to find that XML is going to be replacing it. The World Wide Web Consortium is pushing HTML out, and shoehorning XML in its place. Its disturbing to think that the private PCs may disappear in our future, and that we will have to go onto some controlled Internet to use a word processing computer. Notice how Y2K was used to force foreigners to upgrade their software. (Actually France was upset that the Anglo-American Intelligence group of agencies, which is behind most of our computer industry especially Microsoft and IBM, used the backdoors in the new software to steal industrial secrets from France. These Anglo-American proprietary companies of the intelligence alphabet agencies are getting rich off of backdoors in the software.)  Anyway, they have their tricks (for instance XML has its advantages in the short run) to force us to upgrade to whatever software they want to push on us.


While pornography degrades the human spirit, the human spirit is also degraded by slavery and thought control. There is an ongoing government campaign (in league with politically correct software companies) to force people to use Internet software filters. This campaign degrades the Spirit of '76, the American spirit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, all under the disguise of stopping porn. Even more frightening it has the hidden agenda of promoting a hate campaign against godly Christians. While my comments may seem at first to be overstated, I think the facts show otherwise, and my next few paragraphs are written to support this view.


This Internet censorship (filters such as Net Nanny, Contexion Tech, Web Traffic Control, etc.) is finding its way into the Internet system. Our government is promoting filtering software. The government is threatening libraries, which have received large amounts of financial assistance from the Universal Service Assistance Corp.; they have been threatened that they will lose financial assistance in the future and that they also may have to pay back large sums of assistance if they don't put filtering software on their access to the Internet.


An example of how these censoring programs works is Web Traffic Control, which vaguely tells its users that there are 5 categories of things censored. These are porn, hate, weapons, job search, and gambling. (The company keeps the criteria behind these categories secret.) This software is being offered to industry and public/school libraries. The hate category is perhaps the strongest to be censored. What constitutes hate? If you are concerned about the hateful policies of Big Brother or the ADL, you yourself fall into their "hate" category to be filtered. However, if you are the Church of Satan and teach masturbation and the hate of Christians on your web site, you are not filtered. Evidently, this software doesn't view lessons in masturbation to be pornographic.  After all the struggles by Americans to defend freedom, are we now to passively accept some government bureaucrat's favorite company's opinion of what is porn?


It is obvious that the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center types are being given a free rein to decide for the rest of us what is hate.  Unfortunately, it is not considered hateful to make threats against Christians (especially traditional Christianity). It is politically correct to bash Christians and use words like homophophia.  The Portland Oregonian newspaper has often portrayed Christians as hateful and homophophic. They did this during a political campaign when citizens of Oregon were against giving homosexuals the status of a minority group when it came to special privileges. I remember walking the streets of Portland and watching homosexuals screaming, "Kill the Christians." The press never reported this kind of hate.


It should concern us, that others can decide for us who we are to hate and not hate. This is not just censorship, but more on the level of thought control.  History shows that this type of control often leads to unimaginable horrors. If this censorship seems like a small problem, a nuisance only, I suggest that we work on our problems while they are small, rather than wait until they get out of control (perhaps mushrooming into another of the numerous genocides that history records). Or do we no longer believe in freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and freedom of the press?


For myself, I have already personally witnessed how the American controlled media for at least 20 years has only provided readers with the state's side of things relating to child custody. A recent incident is a case in point.  Two normal parents last year in Oregon who traveled in a bus with no air-conditioning during a hot spell with the flu hitting their family ran into the SOSCF (State Offices for Services to Children and Families). Grants Pass, OR policeman Dan Evans working with SOSCF took the children into custody (kidnapped the children from their parents at gunpoint). No allegations of abuse were ever proven. The parents were never given a chance to advocate their side of things. The parents never did anything criminal. The children were given to foster homes. The attorney assigned by the state for the children and a bogus judge-appointed Citizen Review Committee have called for termination of the parent's parental rights. This attorney and this bogus Committee have never met with the parents, nor have they shown the slightest desire to hear their side of things. In fact one judge in Oregon said in court, "Facts are not an is all in the process." The process is that the parents are never given a voice in the establishment media, and the press spews forth lies and allegations from state workers who are immune from any prosecution.


The parents did the normal thing; they took their children back from the state, the original kidnappers. They took the children at gunpoint, and were caught in Montana. The newspapers said the children were glad to be "rescued" by the state. Bystander witnesses say just the opposite; they say the kids screamed for hours at being torn from their parents. The newspapers said that after their capture, when the girls were given to their foster "mother", "The girls were so glad to see their foster mom.They had the caseworker and the law enforcement people in tears."  Yeah, right! Since when have these heartless people had genuine sympathy for people? They are seizing several hundred children a month in Oregon from parents, which are then adopted out (sold, the state gets money from the Feds for each child) to lesbians, sex offenders, and Satanists. This is no exaggeration. One can watch this amazing process for oneself almost everyday in Juvenile Court in the county I live in, Multnomah County. In fact, the state in my county is stealing so many children from parents that they are building a $12 million Children's Receiving Center at NE 102nd Ave., Portland. The center plans to process 60 children a month. At present the county is seizing about 95 to 130 children according to John Richmond, supervisor of the Department of Human Service's child abuse hot line. The supposedly "free" American press (what I call Pravda) has been silent about the government's process of assuming that children belong to the state. Our "free" press has been silent about the parent's side of things. If they can take our children away without any real legal process, and without giving parents any rights, except the right to pay an expensive attorney who has little chance of helping them, what real rights do we have? Aren't our children the heart and soul of our lives?  And our most precious things in our lives, our children are treated as property of the state, while the newspapers print lies to cover up the state's kidnapping of hundreds of children. This alone should show we have no real free press.


Also for myself, I have already seen web sites that use some of my material exposing the system censored (i.e. people are not able to access these sites). For myself, I found out that I no longer have the freedom to have literature in the privacy of my own home without risking it being seized and used to slander me.


When the Feds raided our home a few months ago, they went through the hundreds of books in my library and hundreds of magazines and seized a few "politically incorrect" books and magazines, which were then described in API news stories around the world as "hate literature". Never mind that these books were weeded out from among hundreds of books, which could be described as "love literature".  Just two examples of the numerous love literature books in my library are Getz's "Building Up One Another" and Rainwater's "You're In Charge".  In other words, the situation that every American now lives with is that the Federal government's SWAT teams can raid your home and if they find any literature in the privacy of your home that they don't like, they can tell the international press that they found "hate literature" in your home, thereby making you sound like a dangerous person. And they are not held accountable to give an accurate or balanced view of what was really found. Whether you had even read these books or supported what they contained is not even considered or asked by the establishment media. This power of our government is nothing less than the power that Stalin or Hitler had to demonize anyone they wanted at will.  If one did this to any public library, you could pull out a copy of Mein Kampf or Marx's writings and pretend that the library was a training center for Nazis or Communists, or whatever crazy thing one wanted to slander any library with. In fact as if to help me make my case, the Oregonian newspaper had a full-page article (6/15/01, p. D3) about a teenager who checked out "The Anarchist Cookbook" from our local library. His mother took the book to the police and refuses to return the book to the library. Her son says he stumbled upon the book looking for a book to tell him how to make cookies. Anyway, the book is a favorite of the police to use to demonize, characterize (or should I say character assassinate people), and paint people as terrorists. Using the illogic of Big Brother's police and media, we should conclude our local library is a terrorist training center. And no one seems to stand up to object to all these character assassinations that lack substance. But I am.


It seems there is a trend to give the public things that appear great but have no substance. I'm reminded of when I belonged to a food co-op that bought food directly from farmers. I realized from buying directly from farmers that I had not begun to know what good quality fruits and vegetables could be like, because I'd been conditioned to accept fruits and vegetables that had little taste, little nutrition, and little substance. A case in point are the supermarket strawberries we get that have no substance, and are picked green and then are gassed to appear ripe. (I use strawberries as an example, because I think the reader can identify with it, but I discovered many other surprises.) The founding fathers tried to give us choice. Censorship is the opposite of choice. And we can often be fooled into thinking what we have received is great because we haven't had the chance to experience anything different. Our freedoms have become just one more item that is marketed to us without substance.


Black Libertarian Larry Elder recently came out with a hard-hitting book to shake up the sheeple. He exposes ten things, which are censored, or what he calls "the ten things you can't say in America". What would you suppose he exposes? How would your list look? Here is his ten unspeakables, which he backs up with facts to show are real issues and which are unspeakable.


1. The establishment media has an agenda, and they do not report the news unbiased; simply put they deprive people of real information and destroy this nation. News is what the newsmakers say it is. (Well, well, well, Larry Elder sounds like the writer of this article.)

2. There is no health care crisis. We all know what is coming out of this "crisis", more government control, regulation and intervention. Elder exposes how early in the 1900's the American Medical Association got Congress to outlaw non-licensed medical school and "unorthodox" treatments (herbs and what are today called alternative medical practices). In other words, they left us with drugs and surgery, expensive treatments designed to make them money. In WW II, the government forced businesses to offer people health insurance, which caused a third party to dictate to doctors what they could do and what they charge. He lists the third big mistake as the Medicare Act of 1965. Many doctors are unhappy with the business of medicine.

3. Many blacks despise whites. He addresses the fact that there is an incredible amount of black racism against whites.  Elder likes to point out to black Americans that Malcolm X totally repudiated his racism later in life. He also blasts reparations as a waste of time and energy. He suggests that we replace affirmative action with affirmative attitude.

4. White condensation to blacks doesn't help blacks or whites. In their efforts to help blacks, whites can treat them like children. Blacks, like everyone else, need to be treated like the responsible people they are.

5. The gender gap in pay is being misrepresented. When one studies the salaries of women in the same industries as men, with the same academic background, who have been on the job the same length of time, there is virtually no difference in pay. And men and women are different, in spite of what the media tells us. Women do not enjoy being garbage collectors, coal miners, or ditch diggers; they are under represented in some jobs not because of male discrimination, but because they don't find those jobs appealing.

6. The importance of dads being able to be fathers to their children is being neglected. There are lots of problems developing in America that are in part the result of fathers not being part of family life.

7. Elder quotes FDR, the politician who gave us a socialist welfare state, "The lesson of history, confirmed by the evidence immediately before me, shows conclusively that continued dependence upon relief induces a spiritual and moral disintegration fundamentally destructive to the national fiber. To dole out relief in this way is to administer a narcotic, a subtle destroyer of the human spirit." Well, there you have it from FDR's Message to Congress (1/4/1935), which is in the Congressional Record, 74th Congress. Somebody in government obviously wants to administer a narcotic to our society and to destroy it fundamentally.

8. Republicans versus Democrats-maybe a dime's worth of difference. A lot of people see the difference between these two establishment parties as so small as to be irrelevant. They have both sold us out. Libertarians believe the Constitution, as drafted, was attempting to place restrictions on the powers of the federal government, and that the founders of our country realized that a government that governs the least governs best.

9. Gun control's ultimate goal is confiscation of all firearms so that a police state can operate without opposition. Gun confiscation is not to protect us. Sharon Stone, who was used by the World Order media to encourage us to give up our guns, was the same Sharon Stone, who after calling 911 repeatedly and not getting an answer, got her gun and defended her property. Considering she has a security system, an armed guard at her house, and a high fence in a well patrolled light crime area, maybe she can afford to give up her weapon that she ended up using, but how many of the rest of us are going to feel safe without any weapons?

10. [Ah, you can read the book for this last one. If you don't care to read it, you might still flip through the book in the back and see his documentation of his points.]


Do we have a free press? Do we have freedom of speech?  Are we free from censorship?


Censorship is also coming in through the back door. Many words have had their meanings changed so that certain thoughts are difficult to think. This is a subject worthy of a book in itself.  Many concepts are not debated, are considered unthinkable, and because of our narrow thinking we self-impose a type of thought censorship upon ourselves.  As a researcher I have noticed that libraries are discarding important books. The whole truth is being weeded out. Our worldview is being narrowed. The publishing houses are mostly owned by the elitists, and generally promote globalism, or some agenda that in a round about way benefits them.  If no one drives a horse and buggy how does one make a comparison with cars today and the past?  I was very fortunate to get a rare book by a doctor who exposes how socialized medicine was introduced into Australia and New Zealand in the 1930's and how it destroyed the quality of health care. How would anyone be able to access a before-and-after comparison, if this doctor's book did not record the facts?  These are the kinds of books that disappear, and unfortunately my copy was stolen.


So what have we been talking about?  I want you to remember how our American Pravda has been silent about how the state is unconstitutionally kidnapping children from parents. I want you to remember that the globalists are scared of some of the technology they have placed into our hands that give us the chance to expose them. I want you to remember that if we do speak up, we need to use our communication to edify, to give a vision to our fellow man (for without a vision, a purpose, the people perish).


You, your pen and your mouth are a resource in the fight against censorship. Christ told the story of a wealthy landowner who kept sending people to take care of some property a long ways away.  The people he sent got abused, even stoned, and had to return without taking care of business. His son then stepped up to the bat, and said, "Father, why not send me?" You can be part of the solution to the problem. And if you need hope, just look at history and all the information that kings and dictators have tried to suppress and how they failed.