Who are the next victims from Order out of Chaos?


By Fritz Springmeier
Sept. 11, 2001

Christ said, “Blessed are the peace makers.” But our nation is already
preparing to lash out. CBS’s anchorman blathered that it was O.K. that America
hit the wrong targets when we retaliated for the embassy bombings because we
showed the world we could lash out, reach out and hit someone.  If our leaders
really want to protect us, de-escalate the violence, don’t escalate it.  Will
any leaders have the sense not to over-react, or will every last one of them
follow along with the most recent order-out-of-chaos script?

One of the spin-offs from this event is that the lives of peaceful freedom
fighters in America are in danger. It is a very dangerous for people the World
Order doesn’t like. Allow me to warn you.
This order-out-of-chaos event is being labeled a second Pearl Harbor.
Emergency Net had (as some of you know) given a warning on Sept. 7, 01. Prior
to the first Pearl Harbor, the FBI had made out lists of the leaders within
the Japanese American community. These were the men who were most respected
and intelligent. Many were excellent businessmen, and all were loyal to the
United States.


The arrests began while the attack was underway. They wanted to
“decapitate” the Japanese-American community so that they would have a harder
time stopping the next two lists of arrests. Without community leaders the
rest would just be individuals ripe for seizing and looting. Three lists were
used in sequence, and by the end of the third list, essentially all
Japanese-Americans had been sent to concentration camps. I’ve heard it said
that these camps were not as bad as the German camps, as if that somehow made
them acceptable. These innocent people lost their businesses and farms, which
were seized and never returned. They lost all that they had worked their
entire lives for. 


 And the hysteria the media is quietly stirring up now,
could lay the groundwork for a similar tragedy.  By the way, if you don’t know
it, the lists are already made up.
If a rounding up is to occur, what kind of innocent people are targeted? 
You know people are going to be rounded up.  But it is not likely we will hear
much about it.  So the question remains, who will be the innocent victims who
have to endure some of the fallout of this sad event?

We do not have to become the battleground of insanity.  What is ill with our
nation?  For starters our leaders are stiff necked and proud and arrogant.
Terrorism is encouraged when the rights of people are trampled on and they
have no voice.  It is sad that we have to drag ourselves through all these sad
events.  One of the best ways our leaders could really protect us from
terrorism is to protect the rights of others around the world. But that
wouldn’t give them an excuse for more tyranny.

One of the first things our new President said in response to this attack was
that “Freedom will be defended.”  I suggest that to understand this,
understand that it is meant to distract you from what is to happen which is
just the opposite. Read my lips, and watch the news, and see for yourself if
the common person is more free or more restricted in the coming days.  We have
another wave of disguised tyranny in the works.

We must work on. We must be stoic. We must be a spiritual blessing to each
other. We must not lose our nerve. We are merely experiencing the kind of pain
many other nations have had to experience. We must not allow ourselves to be
stampeded into some passionate hate by the establishment media. Within the
first hour, the establishment media was already telling us that we had “hate”.
How dare they tell us our feelings.

Let us not lose our identity and become part of the mass of a screaming,
anxiety filled, media directed mob.  Our nation needs to calmly develop new
and positive relationships with other peoples.

We often are our own worst enemy. It is one of the prices we pay for being
human. Our nation is often our own worst enemy. But no matter what mistakes
each of us has made, or our nation has made there can still be a time of
restoration. This is one of the strong messages of Christ, he gave hope where
people had given up hope. Never think that you can’t be made whole, don’t
think that you can’t be forgiven. Let us look inside ourselves and improve
ourselves as a nation—we can change ourselves if we want, but it is doubtful
that the terrorists will listen to our retaliatory terrorism any more than our
leaders will listen to their terrorism.

A very wise man once told us, “Blessed are the peacemakers.”