How the American Media continues to aid and abet the crime of the 21st century.
By Fritz Springmeier

Isn't it a delight that our media works hand in glove with our government? No
one is going to plug politically incorrect material into our minds. We will
all be united on the same page of information, and marching off to war in
unison. Of course, people in other countries are disappointed that we don't
have a free press. They find it strange that we Americans spend hours shopping
around for the best model car but we seldom shop for news information. After
all, they point out, weren't the roots of this nation founded on a free flow
of information, and the chance for debate to sort out the facts?  This article
is meant to take you back to the roots of what made America the envy of the

Our state's big daily newspaper warns us in an article, "During World War I,
excited patriots went around kicking dachshunds, on the grounds that they were
'German dogs.' What a blow for freedom that was. One would have hoped our
fellow citizens would show just a modicum more sense. On the other hand, it is
quite likely some of these stories aren't true:  Rumors are particularly apt
to circulate in a climate of fear, particularly on the Internet." (bold added,
quote Oregonian, 10/19/01, p. C13)

In an earlier paper, our establishment newspaper warned us with the headline,
"Attacks give extremists new ammunition". The article states, "The extreme
right and the extreme left have some extreme similarities, including their
hatred for federal and international governments," said Randy Blazak, a
professor of sociology at Portland State University and an expert on U.S. hate
groups. "So it's not surprising that extremes from both ends could see
something positive from these attacks.".The paper goes on to say, "While
publicly professing sympathy for the innocent victims of the tragedy, they
privately revel in the attack [on the WTC]." (Oregonian, 9/23/01, A21, bold

Perhaps you have noticed similar articles in your local large daily newspaper
in your state.

The message here is that the Internet is unreliable and that anti-government
leftists and rightists are reveling, gloating, about the 9-11 tragedy.  Did
the newspaper interview grief stricken Christian patriots or grief stricken
socialists to learn how happy they feel about 9-11? Did they photograph
Patriots partying in celebration? No, rather than interview one single
rightist or leftist, they went directly to the Southern Poverty Law Center,
which has contempt for anyone against the New World Order and anyone genuinely
conservative. It would be hard to find anyone more hatefully biased against
anti-government activists than the Southern Poverty Law Center to interview.
This is not investigative reporting. It is propaganda. It's hard enough to
figure out a person's feeling by directly asking the person. Are we really
going to find out how Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer feels by asking the primary
scoffing deer?

What is the proper way to investigate a crime? The best manuals for
investigating a crime teach that one should not start with preconceived ideas,
but rather that investigation, questions, and gathering of data are crucial
for the investigator to come to an accurate assessment of what happened.

During the first month following the 9-11 crimes, I saw many intelligent good
questions come over the Internet about the crime. Dozens of Internet articles
have asked important insightful questions to help us solve the crimes of the
9-11 tragedy, which the establishment newspapers and other media have ignored,
and appear trying to cover up. In fact I know from some newsmen, that their
bosses have given instructions to their writers not cover certain important
facts and questions and lines of inquiry. How dare they hide things from you
about the biggest crime (so far) of the 21st century? You have a right to know
these things. If America was attacked, and America is still the target, then
don't you have a right to know who attacked you, how they attacked and why? If
Osama bin Laden attacked America (not our government, not a battleship, but
the man in the street)-you and I, then don't we the intended victims have a
right to know what our would be killer wants to say to us?  And let's get this
fact straight, whether Osama bin Laden carried out the attack on the WTC or
not, he had clearly declared war on all Americans.

You as an American have been the target of kidnappings, assassinations,
torture and other abuse for years as you traveled in foreign lands. There are
people out there who view it as open season on any American. I've traveled, I
know. I have had the privilege to bump into strangers who hated me simply
because I was an American. They didn't know my politics, they didn't know my
religion or personality, and they didn't care. I wasn't the ugly American, I
was the loathed American.

Because the establishment news is covering up the facts about the 9-11
tragedy, because they are encouraging you not to go to the Internet for
answers, and to disregard anything anti-government "extremists" would say, I
think you should read the kind of questions the news media should have
asked-but won't.  The fact that these obvious questions are not being asked by
the establishment media, makes them accomplices to the crime. They are
covering up a crime, and deserve to be indicted by the American people. (For
those who are legalists, yes Black's Law Dictionary says it IS possible to be
an accomplice to a crime by helping AFTER the crime is committed.)

(By the way, I know lots of leftists and rightists, and I have yet to see a
single one of them jumping for joy, gloating, or even smiling at the horrible
catastrophic loss of life that took place on 9-11. Some of these "extremists"
cried in sorrow, some of them went for grief therapy, but none that I know
were jumping for joy like the establishment news would want you to believe,
after all they are Americans too. After all, the attack on the WTC killed
indiscriminately, it didn't separate its victims-conservatives, leftists,
rightists, atheists, Christians, Brits, Japanese, Arabs-anyone in the area was
in danger of death.  Some of these leftists and rightists lost friends. But
the establishment news media, which is so quick to channel hate towards both
"extremes", because they question the propaganda that is spoon fed to
Americans, tends to forget that. It tends to forget that these people love
America too even though they don't suck up to these arrogant news people's
view of things.)

For years, Americans have had to suffer under the obnoxious air of superiority
that radiates from the news media. Too bad their mothers didn't teach them
respect and humility. "All the news worth printing we print", they tell us.
They tell us that their right to invade our privacy to do a hatchet job on
some helpless smuck is done for the public in the name of the public. Like the
courts and police who hassle the poor, and neglect the prosecution of white
collar crime, the news media like easy prey, but back off when it comes to
exposing the global elite. You'd think Gorbachev is nearly a saint, too bad
they don't interview his Gulag victims.  Too bad these networks are owned by
the super rich and super powerful.  We would like the news media to ask the
right questions about the 9-11 tragedy. These people claim to have an ear for
news and the ability to get to the truth, however, once you see all the
questions they have neglected, you will see why at least tens of thousands,
maybe even millions of Americans are disgusted with the lack of real news
reporting.  We may have to turn the tables on them in disgust and start asking
them the hard questions. You will have ample opportunity before this article
is over to become disgusted with these traitors who have betrayed your trust.

If you have you been enjoying all those news articles that are beating the
drums of war, and reporting how our courageous troops are grandly attacking
Afghanistan and the Taliban. Yes, close your eyes and remember the images of
one of those bombed out Afghani villages. Are you smiling because you feel
revenge? While you're looking at that image of a bombed village, look at the
smelly fly-covered guts of a little Afghan boy and his mutilated hand laying
fifty feet from the mush that was his body, and notice and feel the hate in
the eyes of his twin brother who vows to kill an American when he grows up.  I
want you to realize that America's bombs are planting seeds of hate and
planting future generations of terrorism. Isn't it amazing how our
establishment press can be used to stampede us into another world war, which
will not make us safer in the long run? 

Will anyone tell the emperor he has no clothes?  Will anyone ask the young men
who are doing their military duty by risking their bodies and minds the
questions in this article? Do our young men and women really understand what
this war is about better than our young men who went to Vietnam? When will we
win, when we kill bin Laden, or when we kill the last terrorist?  Do we win
when the violence stops?  Is our country escalating the violence, or is the
killing decreasing?  But we are getting way ahead of ourselves. Let's back up
to 9-11.

Why have several investigative reporters who learned important details been
shut up? For instance, why was one reporter who had 3 giant loose-leaf binders
full of affidavits, names and research gotten rid of and shut up.

It is said that the successful quality of a story is determined by the
success at asking good questions.

The media loves to ask questions, but they act afraid of most of the real
important questions concerning the 9-11 tragedy. Are they afraid of the
questions in this article? Are they afraid of what the answers might be?  Why
are they missing out on the opportunity to discover the answers?

There are hundreds of important interesting questions that should have been
asked about the 9-11 tragedy and the U.S. government's reaction to it.  Before
snowing the reader with numerous questions, let's give four sample questions
and then we will proceed to put all these numerous questions into categories:

1. How do eight (yes 8! two per flight) indestructible black boxes of the
hijacked jets with important information end up destroyed?  These black boxes
are designed to withstand much more heat than can be generated in any of these
crashes, and the crash in Pennsylvania didn't even cause an explosion. And yet
the passports of two of the hijackers survived the crash into the Pentagon
building, and Attorney General Ashcroft reports the passport of one of the
suicide bombers landed 8 blocks from the WTC clean up site.(??)
2. If fear is the weapon of a terrorist, why is the media helping create that
weapon? Why are they working overtime to create semi-hysteria about Anthrax,
rather than responsibly putting out the facts in truthful context?  Why are we
not being told the truth about the Anthrax attacks?
3. When there is clear evidence that the CIA, FBI, Mossad, and Russian
Intelligence all knew ahead of time that the attacks were coming, why is none
of this being presented and told to the American people?
4. How does the south tower, which was only marginally hit, and marginally
burning compared to the north tower collapse first? This is especially
puzzling when the North Tower was hit 18 minutes earlier, and was also not
only hit earlier but hit dead center in a much more devastating head on
fashion. And it bears repeating, just how did the WTC towers collapse like
they did? We all saw it happen, but many of us know that buildings built half
as sturdy have refused to fall even after weeks of burning. For instance, many
buildings hit in W.W. II left shells of buildings, but did not crumble into
dust. How did these buildings simple crumble and implode upon themselves?

Everything about the 9-11 "Attacks on America" and America's follow up
campaign of retaliation smells fishy and leaves the thinking person full of
questions. If we are afraid of these questions we may be afraid of their
possible answers.
We can divide our questions up like this:
A. Questions pertaining to how we were not protected.
B. Questions pertaining to how the event could have happened.
C. Questions pertaining to who helped create this tragedy.
D. Questions pertaining to how the media was controlled.
E. Questions pertaining to who benefited from this tragedy.

Questions pertaining to HOW WE WERE  NOT PROTECTED.
Why were FBI agents who had an important WTC suspect in custody before the
attack refused permission to investigate him, when the suspect had information
that could have exposed and prevented the attack? Why are their agents still
being restricted?

How do these intelligence agencies get off so easy with saying they were
totally surprised, when Iran has been using two airports exclusively for
training pilots to use Boeing jets for just this kind of terrorist attack, and
they have been training at these airports for over a decade? How do they get
off so easy when Philippine Intelligence tried to warn them as well as a
29-year old Iranian in Germany?

If bin Laden is an important terrorist, why didn't our government arrest him
after they blamed him for terrorist attacks? The Sudanese wanted to arrest him
in '96 and '98 and turn him over to the U.S. and Clinton turned their offers
down. Why?

Why is it being downplayed that numerous people, including FBI agents, gave
warnings about the attacks and these were ignored?

Why was the militant Moslem connection to the Oklahoma City bombing
suppressed? Why did Clinton publicly blame Russ Limbaugh and other talk show
hosts for fomenting terrorism after the Oklahoma City bombing, and yet ignore
enormous evidence that there was a militant Moslem connection?

Why have numerous rational proposal that would give protection for planes like
sky marshals, sealed cockpits, armed pilots, planes that can be flown remotely
from ground control if need be, and other protective suggestions not been
widely implemented, but increased surveillance and control of passengers and
airport visitors and their bags has been implemented?  In other words, why
have simple practical suggestions not been implemented to protect airplanes,
but measures that strip us of our freedoms are implemented?  Why did the Bush
administration try to get Michael Canavan, head of FAA security, to remove sky
marshals from high-risk flights (those that were at the greatest risk of being
hijacked) after 9-11? (By the way, Canavan resigned over the incident.)

Why did our government bring over thousands of Iraqis of Saddam Hussein's
loyal Republican Guard after the gulf war?

Why is the anthrax vaccine so scarce, after twenty years of threats?  Why did
the anthrax vaccines that were injected into our troops cause severe medical

Why has the media helped the government keep the significance of the post-9-11
attack cabinet level Office of Homeland Security secret?

What do the Russians know that is causing them to stay away from visiting

Questions pertaining to HOW THE EVENT COULD HAVE HAPPENED.
How can four enormous planes with passengers get hijacked, diverted from their
approved flight paths for over one and a half hours and this not cause the
appropriate alarms? How does our terrorist SWAT teams, our air defenses, our
air traffic controllers sleep for such a long time while these big planes turn
around, leave their computerized flight paths, and head for targets?  Why
wasn't everyone alerted?  Why are pilots of such type of jets saying that
these things cannot just happen? And why are they not being interviewed?
After millions of dollars have been spent in the past to supposedly protect us
from such incidents, why did this normally impossible scenario happen so

How is it that the Cockpit Voice Recorders (CVRs) are said to be blank?

How do two buildings that were built to withstand huge storms and the impact
of Boeing 707 jetliners, (which carry more fuel, than the ones that hit)
crumble to the ground in minutes as if a water fountain were turned off?

How does steel beams in the WTC towers that can not melt until extremely high
temperatures are reached, melt from temperatures that could not have been even
a fraction of what it would have taken?  How do concrete floors turn to dust
when they collapse like pancakes? How does the collapse of the WTC towers
begin where the heat would have been almost non-existent? How do smoky fires,
which suggest a relatively low temperature, not be easily identified as unable
to melt tough steel girders?

Why are the news media paranoid about the suggestion that someone could have
placed bombs in the World Trade Center buildings?  Why have the BATF agents
been looking through the ruble quietly for two weeks?  Why did the media
dismiss witnesses who heard explosions before the building came down?

The media claims gas lines on the 104th floor may have exploded 53 minutes
after the plane hit, why has this absurd theory not been questioned, when it
is SOP to put in automatic safety valves to pass building codes.

How did a building around the WTC collapse first?

How did Barbara Olson, a famous investigator, who called on a cell phone when
her plane was hijacked, forget to describe the hijackers to her husband, the
Solicitor General (a high powered attorney)? Or did she describe the hijackers
and her description never get repeated or mentioned by her husband? Or did she
even make the call?  Did any of the three cell phone calls that are reported
to have happened during the hijacking ever occur?
How do pilots allow someone to hijack them with box cutters?

Why didn't the multitude of airport security cameras catch the hijackers on
their video tapes, and if they did, why haven't the police used this film
footage to correctly identify the hijackers to the public? Many of these
cameras are digital and run for hours, what happened to the tapes? Why is the
media demanding to see these?  Why isn't this kind of evidence available to
buttress the government's claim it was Osama bin Laden who did the crime?

Why are National Guard and Army reservists being Federalized into federal
police and then trained at the U.S. Army School of Urban Control at Ft.
Campbell, KT to set up roadblocks in America?

Questions pertaining to WHO HELPED CREATE THIS TRAGEDY.
Why has media allowed American leaders to be so quick to indiscriminately
bomb Moslems, like President Clinton to hide his sexual scandal? Why is the
media not pointing out that the historical record has clearly and repeatedly
proven bombing only stiffens resistance and breeds more violence. Look at
London, Berlin, and Leningrad during W.W. II; bombing only aggravated civilian
populations. So why is this not being told to the American people?  1 plus 1
equals two, but we are not being clearly told the obvious by the media.
Occasionally, it is mentioned, but in such an offhand minor way as to slip by
the attention of most people.

Why don't we hear about President Carter's 3 July, '79 directive that sent
aid to Afghanistan and triggered Soviet intervention into Afghanistan, thereby
creating the war that was used by the CIA to create the militant Moslems we
are now fighting.

Semi-trucks on the highways can now be controlled from their home offices via
satellite. Their speed, etc. can be controlled. Large Boeing passenger jets in
the U.S. have reportedly also had equipment installed that makes them remote
controlled. The U.S. flew a plane by remote control (Global Hawk Technology)
without a pilot from California to Australia. If the Boeing jets had remote
control apparatus on board their controls, what role did that technology play
in the crashes of the airplanes on 9-11?

Questions pertaining to HOW THE MEDIA WAS CONTROLLED.
How do the newspapers call themselves a free unbiased press, and then refuse
to print bin Laden's message to the American people in its entirety?

Why did President George W. Bush quietly threaten to prosecute six major
communications empires when they got too close to inquiring about BioPort, the
strange and suspicious company that is supposed to make anthrax vaccines? Why
aren't honest questions and answers about the Gulf War Syndrome that may have
killed 15,000 soldiers and made 85,000 others terribly sick, as well as caused
deformed babies being ask? Many of the same people that may be guilty of that
tragedy are still active. Why are they not being exposed, when a repeat
disaster may occur?

Why is the government's threats to the television networks not to air any
future taped statements from bin Laden without censoring out those parts the
government doesn't want being agreed to?  Why is everyone so afraid of bin
Laden "getting his message out"?  Do they seriously think that a potential
mass murderer of innocent people is going to be able to influence Americans
adversely? What are they really afraid of?

Why are we still not being told about American LaFarge, a French firm that
supplied Saddam Hussein the ingredients for Iraq's poison gas to kill Iraqis,
Kurds, Iranians and whoever else Hussein wants to gas?  Why does the media not
tell us that Hillary Rodham Clinton is one of American LaFarge's directors,
and George Bush the elder is one of its major stockholders.

Why does the media not tell us how Prescott Bush (George W. Bush's
grandfather) financially helped Hitler to power. Why don't they tell us how
his father George H.W. Bush financially helped Noriega and Saddam Hussein come
to power? Why don't they tell us how George W. Bush (junior) has been in
business in the past with Osama bin Laden and recently paid the Taliban $14
million taxpayer dollars, over the objections of many Congressmen?

Why has the news media ignored how the CIA has helped Libya train and supply
terrorists? Why has the new media ignored how the oil companies have been
behind Col. Qaddafi's success? Why have the news media ignored how the CIA and
Russia worked together to create the international militant Moslems that we
now are going to war against?

Why has the media ridiculed those of us who have warned that the Middle East
has been prepared by the Global power brokers for another world war?  Why are
we being set up for failure in another war that makes little sense?  Why isn't
the media a genuine platform for creative productive peaceful solutions,
rather than simply acting as the military's propaganda machine arousing war
fever? (For readers who don't watch television or read Pravda quite a few
networks -FOX, CNBC, Saturday Night Live, etc.-- have had guests on -usually
Jewish-who are rapidly for war, and in favor of bombing the Moslems.)

Why are the media ignoring reports of military reverses?

Why are the Ariel Sharon's attempts to provoke a Mid East war by using F-16
jets to bomb against civilian targets not being exposed by the media? Peace
loving Israelis are speaking out about it, but not our media, why?

Why are witnesses with something to say being intimidated?

Why has the media downplayed what is historically known about how Pearl
Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the Lusitania, the Maine?  All of these
incidents, which were used to get us into war, were not what the public
perceived them to be.

Questions pertaining to WHO BENEFITED FROM THIS TRAGEDY.
Why is the obvious question, "Who benefits most from the attack?" Not being
asked and not being honestly answered?

Why aren't we hearing about the large oil fields (trillions of dollars in
Central Asia needing a pipeline) and opium fields (harvested in Afghanistan
and marketed via the elite's international Triads) that are at stake in this

Why has the media ignored the fact that obvious insider trading in United and
American Airlines stock, just before 9-11, provided certain people (including
CIA people) with 9 million dollars in stock profit. In other words, the CIA
knew ahead of time about the attack and made 9 million dollars in profit, and
the news media has ignored this story. There was insider trading also on the
stock of firms that were in the WTC buildings, via banks that the CIA watches
and are connected to. Why is this being kept secret by the media?

Why has the media been relatively quiet that the Bush family will make large
amounts of profits from this new expensive war? Why did the Wall St. Journal,
which actually was asking the right questions, expose how the bin Laden family
will make profits off of U.S. defense spending, yet fail to mention their
business partners, the Bushes?

Why has the bin Laden family continued to funnel money to Osama bin Laden via
a set of banks that is also used as a depository for accounts set up for
bribed judges (i.e. La Salle National Bank)?  How deep is the estrangement
between bin Laden and his family, when he called his grandmother two days
before the 9-11 attack?  If we do conclude that the bin Laden family and Osama
bin Laden are seriously estranged (on the outs with each other), why aren't
questions about how people can be connected via mind-control programming and
blackmail being addressed?

Whoever masterminded the 9-11 attacks was intelligent and able to think
ahead-and yet it should have been clear that these attacks would not help the
Palestinian cause, and would cause such a backlash of anti-Moslem sentiments
that Moslem causes would receive a setback. How can we believe that the
mastermind was so silly as to not pick more rational, productive targets? Why
not attack the Mossad or the CIA's buildings? Was the WTC a rational target
for Moslems wanting America to support their viewpoint?

Larry Silverstein was the new owner of the WTC before it disappeared, who had
new insurance policies on it. How much is he standing to make from insurance?

Why are the NSA and the CIA getting more money out of all of this? Why is no
one upset at what is at best incompetence and at worst is co-conspiracy with
the perpetrators of this crime?  Why is the media not calling for the
resignations of the incompetents?  Why aren't the men who lead our
intelligence sick with grief that they failed to warn us, and why don't they
have the honor to resign?  Do we really believe they will protect us the next
time around? Are they?

Bush calls this war Operation Enduring Freedom, and after the 9-11 tragedy he
was immediately reassuring Americans that freedom would be preserved. Why is
the operation called this name? Why are Americans being told that freedom will
be preserved while the government and Bush are working as fast and as secretly
as they can to strip us of all the privileges the Bill of Rights gave us?
Where are our civil liberties going? What freedom is going to be left to

Already they have limited the right to free speech, put more limits on what
guns can be owned (old military guns are to turned in), the police are
militarized, the National Guard are now a federal police force, and "everyone"
can do warrantless random searches, there are more invasions of privacy and
severe restrictions on travel. This is protecting freedom? How does a
government honestly get by with calling this protecting freedom, except in an
Orwellian world where the media works with the government?

Where is the evidence that Osama bin Laden is responsible?

Pres. Bush says he is a Bible-believing Christian, and that we are the "good"
guys. But the Bible says all have sinned and that mankind is basically in
rebellion to him. How does Bush honestly cast America in the role of angels
and saints?  How does the so-called liberal media allow him to paint America
as a good nation after our record of exploiting the poor, abortion, porn,
immorality, interventionism, and with our past and ongoing record of stealing
the native Americans' homeland?  Does the media actually now believe we are
the "good guys" and the other side is "evil"? Or is there some good and bad in
all of us? Pres. George W. Bush said that, "Enemies of America will include
nations that harbor, support, train, provide shelter and staging facilities to
terrorists." We trained the alleged terrorist pilots. Our nation was used as
the staging ground for the operation. Are we a terrorist nation-we fit the
description of Bush's criteria?  Didn't the Bible say that to get right with
God a person or a nation needs to admit of their true condition, and then He
will come and heal them?  Is the media helping us by giving us delusions of

You shameful media hypocrites, men who would like to seem wise, but are
foolish, who have never dared to confront evil in yourselves let alone
organized evil, do you know that the wisdom of God says that the person that
covers his sin shall not prosper?

I think there something in this world worth salvaging. Let's do it. Let's have
the moral courage to think ahead before our nation rendezvous with the New
World Order and several continents of corpses. As someone astutely said, "An
eye for an eye leaves everyone blind."

The Word of God says men love darkness.  Quit loving the darkness dear, and
pull your head out of your rear, and then you'll see the hazy future becomes
quite clear, it's the Fourth Reich of our evil Rulers.  The choice they want
to offer us will be to be a tamed animal, a wild animal, or a caged animal.
Better to be a "wild and free animal" with a clean human conscience, than a
spineless jellyfish that flows with the current straight for our nation's
rendezvous with the New World Order and several continents of corpses. Slime
and crime do more than rhyme. They go together in other ways too.

The real criminals of the 9-11 crime deserve to be brought to justice, and the
establishment media has been an accomplice by hiding these murderers.

P.S. -If you were educated by this article and you want to read other articles
by this author on this subject or other subjects, there are two web sites that
post articles by Fritz Springmeier;  (libertarian);

and (Christian).

There are many sources of interesting information that the mainstream media
are ignoring. David Shippers, who was on the Alex  Jones Radio Show (10/10/01)
is an example of someone with important information about 9-11 who is being
ignored by the mainstream media.