Case Number: CV-S-01-0714-PMP-PAL

Filed this Date: October 5, 2001


Stewart A. Webb

And in behalf of

Amanda Melia Webb

Plaintiff's Minor Daughter

And in behalf of

The People Of The United States of America

And the United States Government.

(702) 362-9567

PO Box 31052

Las Vegas, Nevada 89173-1052






Kerre Sue Millman (attempted murderer of her-infant daughter re: mental disturbance warrant-case number 84-2107-MI State of Texas vs. Kerre Sue Webb (Millman) for attempted murder upon her infant daughter Amanda Melia Webb age-28 days old, co-conspirator-recipient of illegal monies from Leonard Millman/Narcotics Money Launderer Bush Crime Family,                                                              

Leonard Yale Millman (Bush Crime Family/Kingpin-Denver Connection/Scamster, Narcotics Money Laundering). (,, The Mafia, CIA, and George Bush by Pete Brewton, at local libraries, Clinton Bush & the CIA by Terry Reed, at local libraries..)

Elaine Ruth Millman (C0-Conspirator-Bush Crime Family Member/Money Launderer)

George Herbert Walker Bush  (Former President Of The United States Of America,

BUSH CRIME FAMILY KINGPIN/THE BOSS, Knights-Templar-Satanist-HOG/,,, Book- The Mafia CIA and George Bush by Pete Brewton local library’s, and lots of other who authors are now dead-suicides.)  

Neil Bush (Neil's ex-partner                                    

Jeb Bush  (Jeb's ex-partner                                  

Carl Lindner (Bush Crime Family/Kingpin-Ohio Connection/Scamster, Narcotics Money Laundering). (

Gale Norton (Current U.S. Secretary Of Interior/Bush Crime Family Illegal CIA Attorney) (

Phillip D. Winn (HUD Scamster/Pres. Pardon/Bush Crime Family/Denver Connection Front Man)

Larry A Mizel (Bush Crime Family/Denver Connection Front man.)

Norman Phillip Brownstein (Current Bush Crime Family Attorney-Denver Connection, Ex CIA Counsel to CIA Director George Bush/

Oliver North (CIA Paper shredding Christian, Bush Crime Family-Gofer, weapons-exporter/narcotics importer/Civilian-inmate-christian-666-nwo-Patrioit Americans-concentration camps -architect-NSA National Programs Office /Ollie 's ex-partner,

Hillary Clinton (Current U.S. Senator, NY./Bush Crime Family Arkansas Connection/

William Jefferson Clinton (Former President Of The United States Of America/Bush Crime Family Puppet-boy/Arkansas Connection.

Charles Keating (CIA/Scamster,

Federico Pena

Wellington Webb

Meyer Blinder (

Linda Thomas

Zita L. Weinshenk (US Judge Denver)

Edward Nottingham (US Judge Denver)

Sherman Finesilver (US Judge Denver)         (Please Note 1: Al Martin Lt. Commander Retired

Henry Solano                                              (Office of Naval                                                                                                                                               Intelligence/CIA/Iran Contra

Michael J. Norton                                        (Fame Congressional Testimony, did Illicit Business 

Greg C. Graff                                              (with many of the named and unnamed conspirators

Thomas O'Rourke F.                                   (Neil and Jeb Bush's Partner                                                                      among others, Al's

Joseph Mackey                                          (web-site,

Charles Szekely                                           (Please Note 2: Plaintiff Stew Webb has been a

Charles Sandage                                          (Guest on over 2,000 Radio Shows Nationally

   (                                                              (Contributor to 4 books on Bush Crime Family,

   (                                                              (Contributor 500 news stories-Bush Crime Family

   (                                                              (,www.almartinraw.                                                                                      

   (                                                              (.comcom,, and others.

Lee Redneick  (US Department of Justice Inspector General Public Integrity Section-The GOD Squad-Bush Crime Family Cover-Up Artist/Crime Family Spin Doctor US Department Of Justice,

David Mann (Assistant Inspector General US Department of Justice Bush Crime Family Player)

Robert Pense (Ex FBI/CIA Denver)

James M. Lyons (Attorney-Denver Connection-Whitewater Player).

Allan Karsh HUD Scamster/Attorney for Denver-Connection-Kingpin Leonard Millman/Scamster Narcotics Importer/Money Launderer).

Ted L. Gunderson (Ex FBI/CIA, Satanist, Murder, Scamster, Supplied Bin Laudin with Stinger Missiles Stole From US Military Arsenal-China Lake/FBI/CIA/Iran Contra Player-

-Book-The Last Circle by Carol Marshal,

Answers to: General John Singlaub-Ollie North's Not yet Prosecuted Criminals, &

George Pender/Washington’s-DC's-Child-Sex-Blackmailer-Operation Brownstone-The Washington Times 1981, Hoover-Merchanson-boy-do anything for the cause, 1979 kick out of FBI for holding Satanic Parties/Ceremonies in his FBI Offices, Currently stealing from little old ladies trusts, gold-land scamster/,, 2000 by Kelly Omear, Barbra Hartwell.)

Thomas Gaule (Extortionist-Mental Case-Convicted Killer-Side-Kick-to-Ted Gunderson)

Anna May Newman (Witnessed Kennedy Assignation Players Party Nov. 22, 1963 Dallas, work at the CIA-Clint Murchison Ranch Dallas, Ted Gunderson stole her $77,000 retirement (from Illegal-CIA money Launderer Clint Murchison-The Mafia CIA and George Bush by Pete Brewton) and now is now stuck with her, roommate-side-kick-to Ted Gunderson, having her pay his rent from her Social Security.)

Las Vegas Police Department

Las Vegas District Attorneys

Las Vegas FBI Agents

Las Vegas US Attorneys

Nevada Attorney Generals

Please see Attached Exhibit A, Bush Crime Family Flow Chart By Stew Webb Plaintiff April 2000.

Additional Yet Unnamed Defendant's 1-1000 and Co-Conspirators



Pursuant To An Order Of The Court Dated September 7. 2001

And received September 19, 2001 by US Mail. 


Now Comes The Plaintiff Stewart A. Webb and files this:

ADDENDUM #1 Filed October 5th, 2001




Amended complaint and partial relief requested and damages awarded without risking the lives of the Plaintiff's witness:

The Plaintiff is a pro se litigant and not educated in law, representing not only himself, but also the plaintiff's minor daughter Amanda M. Webb. The People of The United States of America, and The United States Government. 


The Plaintiff is trying to protect witness and if the plaintiff sounds veigh in his complaint it is not to deceive the Court but to Protect Those Witnesses who desire and deserve to live and testify in secret before a US Federal Grand Jury, to the enormous fraud perpetuated against the People of The United States and The United States Government. HUD fraud, Saving &Loan and Bank fraud, Bond fraud, Securities fraud, Oil & Gas fraud, Real Estate fraud, and numerous other frauds. And to further stop Narcotics trafficking and the money laundering thereof, within the borders of the United Sates of America, by some named and unnamed Defendants.  Both working under color of law and not. THIS IS AN ON GOING CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE, RACKETEERING AND INFLUENCE, CORRUPT ORGANIZATION (RICO), WITH CURRENT GOVERNMENT & EX-GOVERMENT OFFICIALS INVOLVED,  (AN ILLEGAL SHADOW GOVERNMENT WITHIN THE GOVERNMENT. WHAT HAS BECOME KNOWN AS THE BUSH CRIME FAMILY/IRAN CONTRA ALIVE AND ONGOING.  Since the Plaintiff invokes additional jurisdiction under the False Claims Act representing the Government of the United States of America, the Plaintiff intends on recovering and seizing enormous amount of assets stolen from the United States Government. Pursuant to False Claims Act the Plaintiffs are invoking jurisdiction, criminal and civil with Stewart A. Webb and minor Daughter Amanda Melia Webb invoking the claim of one third of any and all recoveries made in behalf of the False Claims Act Jurisdiction.  And since this Ongoing Continuous Criminal Enterprise and some of the Defendants named and unnamed. Have engaged in intentional harm against the Plaintiff Stewart A. Webb and Amanda M. Webb, some under color of law, as well as personal using governmental officials, some with intent, others blackmailed, or bribed to conspire to Defraud the People Of The United States of America and the United States Government.  The Plaintiff will state the basis of the complaint below:



Further Jurisdiction is invoked pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 1343(a)(3) and 42 U.S.C. 1983-1985.

Further Jurisdiction in invoked pursuant to Plaintiffs Filing September 18, 2001 Pages 1-8,

False Claims Act





COMES NOW PLAINTIFF'S, Stewart A. Webb, Pro se, and in behalf of his minor daughter Amanda Melia Webb, The People of The United States of America, and The United States Government, and herein upon information and belief complains and alleges as follows:

     Plaintiff was married to Defendant Kerre Sue Millman, from September 19 1981 to August 11, 1984.  Amanda Melia. Webb born July 14, 1984, was taken illegally from the Plaintiff, after Defendant Kerre S. Millman "tried to kill" her infant daughter.  A mental disturbance warrant number 84-2107-MI, State of Texas vs. Kerre Sue Webb (Millman), August 12, 1984, Dallas, Texas.  Was issued for her trying to kill (our) infant daughter, Amanda Melia Webb, on August 10, 1984.  Divorce proceedings were begun illegally by Kerre S. Webb (Millman) on August 14, 1984, against Plaintiff Stewart A. Webb.  This is when the Racketeering Activity under Title 18 USC 1961, 42 USC 1983-1985, 28 USC 1343, and other violations of statues began, including Uniform Child Custody Act Violations.  This illegal activity by Defendants Kerre S. Webb (Millman), Leonard Y. Millman, Elaine R. Millman to obstruct justice, to cover up attempted murder, began by the defendants against the Plaintiffs Stewart A. Webb and Amanda M. Webb the Plaintiffs infant daughter.

     The Plaintiffs will show that because of satanic abuse upon Defendant Kerre S. Millman as a child by her parents, Defendants Leonard Y. Millman (a now known Knights/Templar Satanist) and Elaine Ruth Millman, that Kerre S. Millman was adversely affected to the extent that a pattern of abnormal behavior she learned as a child began to manifest itself, even before (our) daughter Amanda M. Webb was born, to extreme levels and acts that were an occasional endangerment to the lives and well-being of both Plaintiffs.

     Plaintiffs have been deprived of the Natural Yahweh (GOD) given right to have a Father-Daughter relationship for over 17 years, because "Due Process Of Law" was violated, Willful Obstruction Of Justice occurred.  Because of intentional, wanton, and willful interference and racketeering against Plaintiff Stewart A. Webb as a direct result of Leonard Millman's political influence and ties to Justice Department personnel (Bush Crime Family), some of whom have taken sign cant amounts of cash from Leonard Millman as bribes and payoffs, and are in Government positions for the primary purpose of protecting Leonard Millman and his ilk from prosecution, and additionally, for the furtherance of their Criminal Activity, also involving some Government Officials who are directly involved in covering-up Leonard Millman's illegal,


       Plaintiff Stewart A. Webb (Stew Webb) will show that since August 1984 a Continuous Activity of Racketeering against the Plaintiffs, Amanda Melia Webb and Stewart A. Webb.

Using Government Personnel and others to silence the Plaintiff, from exposing the Criminal Activity of Defendant Leonard Yale Millman has been conducted (and Continues) so as to deprive Plaintiffs of their Family Rights inherent in the Laws of the Land (Uniform Child Jurisdiction Act), and as protected by the Ninth Amendment to the Constitution for the United States of America.


     Plaintiff went to the FBI office in Kansas City, Missouri (in June 1986) with information that Defendant Leonard Millman was involved in various illegal activities: ever since, Plaintiff has been subjected to a series of false arrests and imprisonment, in a pattern which Plaintiff subsequently learned is a governmental technique developed and used by the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States (Shadow Government-with in Government-Ongoing Criminal Enterprise-RICO-Bush Crime Family.  George Herbert Walker Bush's, Rough, out of control/Organized Crime Syndicate, to discredit Whistle-blowers-Informants or other witnesses who claim to have information that is adverse to the Select Few, The Tiffany-Lamp-Knights-Templars, of Governmental elitists who deemed themselves to be above the Laws of the United States Of America.  The Illegal CIA-Shadow-developed discrediting techniques fit into three categories, as learned from insiders or shadow government players, as some call themselves, and experienced by Plaintiff.

The Bush Crime Family groupings are:

     Package A: Intimidation, Extortion, Destruction of Property, Bribes, Pay-offs.

     Package B: False Arrests and Imprisonment in some cases-then bribed-discredited-killed.

     Package C: The Grave Yard, Your library card expires, you have gained too much knowledge of their crimes against the American People and Frauds against the United States of America, and you get killed, terminated with prejudice. For speaking the truth.

Plaintiff will show he has been subjected to elements of each of the three "packages", including attempts on his life, while in Federal Custody and other custody.  Further will show that he has been a target of Racketeering and Corrupt over the past 17 years, in Violation of numerous Federal, State and County/Local Laws.  Plaintiff will also show the complicity of Defendants Leonard Millman and Elaine Millman, with others, named and yet unnamed co-conspirators.  Including Governmental Officials, have been engaged in A Pattern of Continuous Criminal Activities, continuously against not only Plaintiffs Stewart A. Webb and Amanda M. Webb,

But against the United States of America in Violation of Nemours Laws of the Land, and Federal Codes as stated in Plaintiffs filing September 18, 2001.





Count 1: I believe that I am entitled to the following relief: Stop RICO against Plaintiffs, Stewart A. Webb and Amanda M. Webb, and Allow Court Order Visitation Schedule of 50% of allowable time of Amanda's, to allow Plaintiffs, the GOD given Right-Father-Daughter Relationship, under The Uniform Child Custody Act, further to be compensated and awarded Damages under numerous violations of Federal Laws 28USC 1343(a)(3) and 42 USC 1983-, And be Awarded Damages which are allowed by Law. Plaintiff further asks the court to award Damages and be compensated for numerous Violations of Federal, State and County Laws-relating to the false arrests and imprisonment, harassesment, packages A, B, attempted C, as described in History of case affecting background.

TYPES OF RELIEF Allowed Under Federal Laws and herein the Plaintiff is asking for are as follows, Annoyance, Anxiety, Compensatory, Declaratory, Exemplary Damages, Harassment, Injunctive, Mental Anguish, Monetary, Nominal Damages, Punitive Damages, Slander and Emotional Distress, as stated and not yet stated in this complaint do to secret Grand Jury Request.

Totaling more than $ 400,000,000.00 (Four Hundred Million Dollars) for Count 1-1000. Unnamed.

Count 2: As stated in filing of September 18, 2001 Plaintiffs request to appear before a Federal Grand Jury, invoking the Laws stated and others to protected witnesses with first hand knowledge,

And others 1-1000, under Criminal and Civil Laws Stated in September 18,2001 Plaintiff's filing.

Count 3: Invoking False Claims Act-Defrauding the Department of Housing and Urban Development of 500,000 apartment-condo-retirement-units, Currently under the Umbrella REIT known as "AIMCO" a reit run by Norman Browstein and Terry Considine out of The Denver Connection with Leonard Millman Kingpin of the Denver Connection to the Bush Crime Family,

Possible estimated value of the units exceeds 500 Billion Dollars, defrauded and stolen from the United States Government, (example facts and one of Plaintiffs witnesses:  Catherine Fitts,

Further invoking under False Claims Act the Plaintiffs Stewart A. Webb and Amanda M. Webb's rights to one third of recovery to The United States of America.

Count 4 Defrauding the People of The United States Of America out of over 500 Billion through numerous other frauds against the United Sates Government and the American People. And invoking recover under False Claims, Criminal and Civil as stated in count 3.

Count 5 Grand Jury Investigative Demands.

     I understand that a false statement or answer to any question in this complaint will subject me to penalties of perjury.  I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the forgoing is true and correct See 28 USC 1746 and 18 USC 1621.





Plaintiff                                                           Dated: _________________________________

Stewart A. Webb