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Helter Skelter Run For Shelter PART 3

by James Whisler
Webster's Dictionary lists several definitions for the term helter-skelter, but they boil down to two principle meanings. The primary usage incorporates the concepts of haste, confusion, disorder, haphazard and turmoil--a worthy synonym would be 'chaos'. The second is simply 'a spiral slide around a tower at an amusement park,' and is mainly a British term made familiar to us stateside by the Beatles song of the same name.  There is a hidden third meaning not listed in the dictionary, which is similar to the first, but much more sinister.

Ya Say Ya Want A Revolution...

When it comes to fomenting a sucessful revolution, there is no greater authority on the subject than the Illuminati. And when you ask them the secret of their success, one of the key ingredients they will proudly divulge to you is this helter-skelter machination. Commander William Guy Carr, an intelligence officer in the Royal Canadian Navy, was well schooled in the overt and covert tactics of Illuminati control. In 1954, he wrote an exceptional book entitled Pawns in the Game, based on his many years of research. In it, he gives a central component of the helter-skelter plot, although he never knew it by that terminology, he referred to its more common name of the "Reign of Terror".    

'Study of the methods employed by the Illuminati's agents in Spain is of great value to those who would protect their country from the danger of similar tribulations. Revolutionary leaders have Cells occupy key positions in jails, prisons and asylums. Their purpose is to control these institutions so they can release the anti-social elements under detention, and use them as shock troops during the revolt. In every revolution to date the anti-social prisoners, and the criminally insane, have been used to arouse the blood-lust in the mob and thus introduce the "Reign of Terror" which, the revolutionary leaders calculate, will cause the general public to surrender in the quickest possible time. . .Investigation of outbreaks in many prisons in both the U.S.A. and Canada indicate these revolts were Communistically inspired. '  9

                                                                                         (italics in the original)
Now that we have a working definition for the Illuminati's helter-skelter, lets peruse a couple of historical examples. On March 9, 1917, less than a month after the worker strikes began (mentioned in part 2), in the city of Petrograd (now called St. Petersburg) the revolutionary leaders were plotting a way to bring the restless and starving crowds into violent confrontation with the police and troops. In preparation, they set up machine guns in concealed positions all throughout the city. On March 10th, a man in a sleigh tried to force his way through the crowd hanging out at Nicholai station. The crowd became incensed, beat the man to death or nearly so. They then went into a frenzy, fighting and vandalizing. " The revolutionary leaders by pre-arrangement fired on the mob from their hidden positions. The mob attacked the police. They blamed the police for firing on them. They slaughtered every policeman to a man. The inmates of the prisons and jails were then released to stir up the blood-lust. Conditions for the Reign of Terror were introduced.  " 10  Once everything is in place, it doesn't take much at all to kick off the revolution.

A revolution generally can go one of two different ways: 1) The revolutionaries will be squashed and the revolt subdued--providing a perfect opportunity for the regime to do away with its enemies, or 2) the revolutionaries may succeed in overthrowing the government and establishing their own. The question that needs to be asked is 'which direction does the Illuminati (and our sovereign Lord) have planned for America's next civil war?'. The simple answer is that neither of the two will be completely accomplished, but each will have partial success.  There are quite a few people that can see martial law coming under the heavy hand of a presently transforming totalitarian government in America. But they get tunnel vision and see that as the end-all-be-all of the plan, not realizing that this present dictatorship that Bush and the fabulous banker brothers are busy building, with it's future activation of martial law, will be short-lived. This is no reason to rejoice, however. I am reminded of one of the more important prophecies from the Rumanian pastor Dumitru Duduman:

" It will start with the world calling for 'peace, peace.' Then there will be an internal revolution in America, started by the Communists. Some of the people will start fighting against the government. The government will be busy with internal problems. Then, from the oceans, Russia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Central America, Mexico, and two other countries which I cannot remember, will attack! The Russians will bombard the nuclear missile silos in America. America will burn. " 11
So you see, the goal isn't for either side to win, but for the simultaneous decimation of the revolutionaries and the infrastructure of the present government. What's left of this country after the dust settles will invariably be placed under international law, administered by the United Nations and their 'peacekeepers.' This is a perfect example of the Hegelian Dialectic being played out.

It's time now to look at the second of the previously promised 'helter-skelter' scenarios from the archives of history; this time going clear back to the French Revolution.
" ...special agents of the Illuminati organized the men who were to be used as leaders in the Reign of Terror planned to accompany the revolutionary effort. Among these leaders were Robespierre, Danton, and Marat. To conceal their real purpose, the men who were to release the prisoners and lunatics to create the necessary atmosphere for instituting the preconceived Reign of Terror, met in the Jacobean Convent. Within the walls of the sacred edifice the details of the bloody plan were worked out. The lists of reactionaries marked down for liquidation were compiled. It was explained that while the criminals and lunatics ran wild terrorizing the population by committing mass murders and pubicly performing rapes, the organized underground workers, under direction of Manuel, Procurer of the Commune, would round up all the important political figures, heads of the clergy, and military officers known to be loyal to the King. " 12
                                                                                                         (emphasis mine)

If one were to modify this scenario and adapt it to where it fits our present situation the first step would be to take the last four words quoted above, " loyal to the King " and change them to " opposed to the New World Order " ; and amend the list to include not just political figures, clergy and military officers, but all those who have proven themselves to be anti-NWO.

Wackenhut, What's A Wackenhut?

Richard Russell Wackenhut, former President and CEO of Wackenhut Security Services, the global  NWO company his father founded. .
If you don't obey, we will throw you in the Wackenhut and beat you senseless. No...Wackenhut is not a slang term for a torture chamber. It is a worldwide security firm named after its founder George Russell Wackenhut. They guard everything from secret U.S. bases, U.S. Embassies to prisons, to the Alaska Pipeline, to nuclear weapons plants, etc.. George Russell Wackenhut is a descendent of the Russell family that, with Alphonso Taft, created the Yale secret society in 1832, the American chapter of the Skull and Bones, also known as the Russell Trust. It is out of the European Black Freemasonry that the American branch of the S & B was formed. And it is out of this  Russell Trust that the Wackenhut Corporation was actually birthed. 13
George Wackenhut exhibits himself as a hard-line, right-wing, pro-American, anti-Communist fellow. This is all a facade. All Illuminati members are, in the interest of carrying out their plan, required to pretend to be something they are not as in having a front to avoid suspicion. Wackenhut is no more anti-Communist than Ronald Reagan. According to Anthony Hilder of Free World Alliance, Reagan was a member of the United World Federalists (whose goal is world government) for 13 years, was in the L.A.Committee for a Democratic Far Eastern Policy which was associated with the Institute of Pacific Relations, which was listed as an instrument of the Soviet Union. 'Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall !,' Ronnie sez...give me a break, Red Ronnie. Hilder also curiously identified the Skull and Bones as " a bounce-off of the Jacobin Society, which was involved in the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror." 14   I consider  Anthony's assessment fairly accurate, for it is out of the European Illuminized Freemasonry that both have the same common roots and goals ( see Texe Marrs book Dark Majesty: The Secret Brotherhood and The Magic of A Thousand Points of Light.)

A somewhat revealing article about Wakenhut came out in SPY Magazine. The author, John Connolly, states that Wackenhut, the "right wing, anti-Communist" was supplying chemical weapons manufacturing equipment to Saddam Hussein in 1990. To supply a country with such equipment while it is enemies with the United States and at the same time friendly with Russia, is diametrically opposed to right wing anti-Communist policies. This point was missed by Connolly in his investigation and apparently he bought Wakenhut's performance.  However, Connolly didn't overlook the fact that Wackenhut's agency was thick as thieves with the CIA and involved regularly with their dirty work. The names he discloses on the board of directors reads like a Who's Who of the American Intelligence Community:

Talk about the wrong stuff. CIA deputy director Admiral Bobby Ray Inman is or was a member of the indescribably evil Bohemian Grove. 16   And Bill Casey was involved in the smuggling of Nazi war criminals into the United States through Operation Paperclip. 17  Wackenhut is also friends with both Skull and Bones members George Bush senior and junior, and with Jeb Bush, and has contributed to all of their political campaigns. Long ago, Wackenhut picked up the habit of building up his own list of Americans whom he considered Communists or left-leaning subversives, anti-war protestors and civil-rights demonstrators. 
" current and recent members of the board have included much of the country's recent national-security directorate: former FBI director Clarence Kelley; former Defense secretary and former CIA deputy director Frank Carlucci: former Defense Intelligence Agent director General Joseph Carroll; former U.S. Secret Service director James J. Rowley; former Marine commandant P. X. Kelley; and acting chairman of President Bush's foreign- intelligence advisory board and former CIA deputy director Admiral Bobby Ray
Inman. Before his appointment as Reagan's CIA director, the late William Casey was Wackenhut's outside legal counsel. The company has 30,000 armed employees on its payroll. " 15

" He was able to profit from his beliefs by building up dossiers on Americans suspected of being Communists or merely left-leaning-"subversives and sympathizers," as he put it-and selling the information to interested parties. According to Frank Donner, the author of "Age of Surveillance", the Wackenhut Corporation maintained and updated its files even after the McCarthyite hysteria had ebbed, adding the names of antiwar protesters and civil-rights demonstrators to its list of "derogatory types." By 1965, Wackenhut was boasting to potential investors that the company maintained files on 2.5 million suspected
dissidents-one in 46 American adults then living. in 1966, after acquiring the private files of Karl Barslaag; a former staff member of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, Wackenhut could confidently maintain that with more than 4 million names, it had the largest privately held file on suspected dissidents in America. "  18

Knowing a little background of Wackenhut, and the Luciferians he pals around with, I would question the criteria he uses to place someone on this list of dissidents-- so-called 'Communists' or not.  Couple this with the fact that Wackenhut builds and runs prisons with its own guards all across the United States, you can begin to connect the dots and a picture of intriguing possibilities takes form.  Could there then be cell groups working within the Wackenhut prison system waiting for orders to release prisoners as shock troops for an orchestrated Reign of Terror? How easy would it be? I found an incident listed on the AMERICAN FEDERATION OF STATE, COUNTY AND MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES website and thought I'd reproduce it here just to prove a point.
" (summer 1998) FLORIDA: A Wackenhut security guard purposely left a door open at the Broward County Work Release Center so that two inmates could walk to freedom, according to the Broward County Sheriff's Office. The guard has been arrested and charged with two counts of aiding and abetting an escape. The arrest came a day after Broward Sheriff Ken Jenne announced a plan to have Wackenhut build a new jail that the Sheriff's Office will run. " 19
Investigative reporter Greg Palast is highly critical of the company's capability of doing the job that it is contracted out to do. He points out that they are generally undermanned  (running half the guards a normal prison runs) and have proven to be unable to maintain control of the situation in the event of rioting and the like, requiring outside help from the state police in a cited example. 20  Whether or not the Wackenhut prisons are used in this way, the extreme likelihood that there are also cells in the federal and state institutions should be considered. Please also bear in mind that aside from the potential of Wackenhut's prison systems to be utilized as a tool, in an incited revolution, their security branch may also have cell groups in place in the many strategic locations they guard in the U.S.A. This list includes places like military bases, nuclear reactor sites, Alaska pipeline, etc. At the time of this writing, the Wackenhut Corporation has been bought out by the Danish company Group 4 Falck. However, they still run entirely independent of their new owners. And the former head Richard Wackenhut is temporarily filling in until the parent company finds a replacement CEO.

Wanted: Useful Idiots--Apply Within

In the beginning of a revolution, the anarchist is the communist's best friend. He is the footsoldier, trained and financed by his communist masters to go out into society and create pandemonium. This friendly relationship will continue until the revolution reaches a certain point where the anarchist is no longer needed. Then he is liquidated. While they may agree on common terroristic applications to attain their goals, the two terms are not synonymous. Anarchism tends to be a means to an end (that end being communism), rather than an end in itself.

According to Lady Queenborough " Anarchists claim direct descent from Diderot and those factions which during the French Revolution of 1789 had formed the clubs of the Enrag`es and Hebertistes. Prudhon was their prototype. " 21  Pierre Joseph Proudhon was a 19th century French philospher who is credited with being the father of philosophical anarchy. His form of anarchism was one that believed in individual self rule with no central authority in society. However, the philosophical anarchists are entirely opposed to the use of violent methods to bring this about. Those who were very much in favor of violence and terrorism, split off from this main movement in September 29, 1872, forming the Anarchist Party. This took place at the Hague Congress of the International Association of Workers. Those not advocating violence rallied around one Karl Marx, while those who preached the use of terrorism in order to wipe out all forms of existing government became the Anarchist Party under the leadership of a radical Russian revolutionist named Mikhail Bakunin.

It is this second type we are addressing here in this article. Lady Queenborough also tells us that this type 2 anarchy made its way to America " when Most, the German anarchist, founder of the Freiheit, went to New York and, with Julius Schwab, organized the Anarchist movement in America, founding the Socialist and Revolutionary Club of New York in 1880 and such press organs as The Anarchists of Boston, later followed by Liberty . " 22  A Federal law was passed in 1902 which bars the admission into the country to those who profess or advocate anarchism. 23 However, this has not prevented the movement from rapidly growing in America today. There are quite a few organizations here with websites promoting a very thinly veiled form of this type 2 anarchy. Some do not hide their objectives at all. One such popular international organization with an American branch formed in the early '80's is known as the Anarchist Black Cross.

Students of symbolism will immediately recognize the 'clenched fist' of Communism in their logo. Here's some enlightening reading pertaining to their views taken from their website:
" The ABC has sought to bring attention to the plight of all prisoners, with an emphasis on Anarchist and class war prisoners; and, through contact with and information about prisoners, inspire an Anarchist resistance and support movement on the outside.

" We believe, as most Anarchists do, that prisons serve no useful function (except for the benefit of the ruling classes) and should be abolished along with the State. We differ from liberal prison reformists and groups like Amnesty International in two main ways: firstly, we believe in the abolition of both the prison system and the society which creates it, and we initiate all our actions with that in mind; secondly, we believe in direct resistance to achieve a stateless and classless society. Groups like Amnesty International balk at supporting anyone accused of so-called violent acts, thus insinuating that anyone who resists oppression and takes up arms in self-defense, or during a revolutionary insurrection, is not worthy of support. The message is clear: do not resist. Our message is exactly the opposite, and this is what we work to support. We share a commitment to revolutionary Anarchism as opposed to liberalism and individualism or legalism.

" Outside of prison work, ABC groups are committed to the wider resistance in which many of these prisoners are engaged. We see a real need for Anarchists to be militantly organized if we are to effectively meet the organized repression of the State and avoid defeat. " 24

I wonder if they would like to see someone like Charles Manson released. After all, he is the poster boy for anarchy, not to mention being the physical embodiment of all that Helter Skelter represents.

Let's talk about Charlie...
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