Dispensationalism Timeline


By James Whisler


The Seeds of the Apostasy are Planted…


3rd Century B.C.--- About 250 B.C. the Septuagint was written in Alexandria, Egypt. This translation of the Hebrew scriptures into Greek with Hellenistic (pagan) influences, was ordered by Hellenist Emperor Ptolemy II. Some of these changes from the original Hebrew Masoretic texts into the Septuagint also found their way into the modern bible versions. It needs to be pointed out that the creation of these corrupted manuscripts is quite possibly where the preparation began for the premillenial dispensationalist teachings, hence their inclusion into this timeline.  These deviations from the true scriptures are covered in Dispensationalism and the King James Bible.


2nd Century A.D.--- Members of the Lord’s true church in Antioch, Syria (where they were first called Christians…Acts 11:26) were faithfully reproducing the original manuscripts of the Holy Scriptures, with fear and trembling. Not daring to change even one word or any punctuation, as they knew the warnings of the Lord in Deut.4:2 and Rev.22:18. In little time, through missionary efforts, they made their way to Philo’s Mystery School in Alexandria, Egypt. It is here, at the world’s headquarters of the Mystery Religions that the Gnostics began producing corrupted versions of the original new testament  manuscripts. Under the leadership of men like Origen and Clement their Mystery School changed the scriptures to reflect their gnostic beliefs, in opposition to true Christianity. You could compare these actions to those of today’s Jesus Seminar deciding what belongs in the Bible. Satan put it in their hearts to include changes to certain verses so that at the proper time they could be used to support a doctrine that he would later introduce, known as dispensationalism.


   312 A.D.--- The Emperor Constantine publicly proclaimed he was a Christian. However, he still openly worshiped the pagan gods, including the sun god Sol.  He later declared himself to be the first Pope (Summus Pontifex). It is out of this pagan cesspool in Rome that Roman Catholicism was born. Constantine soon ordered his right-hand man Bishop Eusebius  to oversee the production of 50 new bibles. Which manuscripts do you suppose he chose for this undertaking?  Well anyone who takes the time to research it out knows that Roman Catholicism is nothing more than the Babylonian Mystery Religions wearing a mask  (see The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop). So Eusebius’s choice was made for him. He had to stay faithful to his religion. He faithfully chose to use the Alexandrian texts. These bibles would later be used by Jerome in the production of his Latin Vulgate, which became the official bible of the Roman Church. All other bibles were outlawed. And so Satan’s corrupted manuscripts have been protected in the bosom of the Vatican to this day. They would later be used in the translation of practically all the modern bible versions. In my article Dispensationalism and the King James Bible you will see how these ancient Alexandrian manuscripts and their modern counterparts are needed for a defense of the dispensationalist teachings.


The Seeds Are Watered…


1830 A.D. --- The most important element of dispensationalism was introduced to the world from seemingly innocuous sources. Dave MacPherson in his book The Rapture Plot traces with painstaking details the origin of the pretribulation rapture back to a Miss Margaret MacDonald from Port Glasgow, Scotland. Apparently, she had been receiving divine revelations from God about this rapture. Mr. MacPherson also revealed that she had occultic ties, including a friendship with a girl who was into psychic powers and automatic writing; also that she and her friend could appear like statues in an almost supernatural way, barely touching the ground, nearly levitating (levitation was known as ‘rapture’ in the esoteric circles). The Jesuits also claimed to be able to levitate during their meditations, while the Catholic leadership often condemned such practices among the commoners. A brand new event was being introduced and the word ‘rapture’ was the name given to it (a word which doesn’t appear in the King James Bible but  the latin form of the word appears in the (Catholic) Latin Vulgate. I hope the connection is not missed here.


Margaret  sent her vision in a letter to well-known London preacher Edward Irving. Shortly thereafter, this revelation of a rapture showed up for the first time in public print  anywhere in the history of the world  in the periodical put out by Irving’s church. This periodical, known as The Morning Watch, put out an article titled  ”Commentary on the Epistles to the Seven Churches in the Apocalypse”  in the September 1830 issue[i]. Skeptics should be advised that proof exists in the archives of  leading British libraries as well as original copies in Colgate-Rochester Divinity School, Fuller Theological Seminary, Oral Roberts University, Princeton Theological Seminary, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.[ii] There are several prophecy teachers like Grant Jeffrey, Thomas Ice, Tim LaHaye, Chuck Missler, etc. who claim that this teaching of the pretrib rapture can be found in writings dating earlier, but this teaching is only found when they edit the texts being examined like the writings of Jesuit Manuel de Lacunza and someone known as Pseudo-Ephraim among others.


At the same time Margaret was formulating her rapture revelation, she made a false prediction on the identity of the Antichrist , the19th century socialist Robert Owen.[iii] So much for her hearing correctly from the Lord.

Fritz Springmeier researches the secretive generational Satanic bloodlines of the Mystery Religions, those families who are building the New World Order and establishing a kingdom for the Antichrist. He had this to say of the MacDonald clan:


    “One of the books which I looked with difficulty for before finding it, was Gerald Massey’s A Book of the Beginning (Secaucus, NJ: University Books, Inc., 1974.) The book goes in and shows in detail how the inhabitants of the British Isles came originally from Egypt. This is important because (as this author has contended in earlier writings) the Druidism of the British Isles was simply a derivative from the Egyptian Satanic witchcraft/ magic of Ancient Egypt. The Egyptian word “Makhaut” (clan or family) became the Irish “Maccu”. Hence, the “Maccu of the Donalds” (clan of Donalds) now seen in the name MacDonald.”[iv]


Fritz points out as well that the MacDonald clan was very intimately associated with the Knights Templars, several of the MacDonalds actually serving as Templars.[v]   In fact, Margaret’s home town is one of the main areas that the Templars sailed to and settled in when they left France. It should be made known that these Satanic bloodlines often chose the Christian religion as a cover to hide their origins and their true religion.[vi] I make no such claim that anyone with the last name of MacDonald is a Luciferian. In the case of Margaret MacDonald, I leave that up to the reader to decide. I explain how I believe the teachings of dispensationalism and the pretrib rapture are being used to accomplish the goals of the Priory of Sion and the Knights Templars in my article Bill Clinton: the decoy Antichrist and I believe it can be seen why they would introduce such doctrines into the Christian world through their agents, possibly the Macdonald family. These goals involve reestablishing a king from the Merovingian Dynasty onto the throne in Jerusalem to rule the world. This is none other than the Antichrist. For more information on how the MacDonald bloodline fits into all this, go to  The McDonald Family


 Hughes de Payens of the Priory of Sion formed the Knights Templars in 1118 as a front organization to be used by the Priory to carry out their goals.[vii]  J.R. Church shares this history about these two groups which came out of the Roman Catholic Church during the Crusades:


“… the Order of the Knights Templar was, at first, only a front organization for a more secretive group known as the Priory of Sion, whose real purpose was to capture the wealth of the world, establish their own world government, and introduce a Merovingian king to sit upon a throne in Jerusalem. They are said to be the true possessors of the (Jewish) Temple treasury and the behind-the-scenes controllers of the world’s currencies.


“In 1979 Mr. Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair, the present Secretary General of the Priory of  Sion, was interviewed in Paris, France by reporters from the BBC. When asked the question, ‘Does the Priory of Sion possess the treasures of the ancient Jewish Temple?’ , he said, ‘yes.’ He added, ‘They will be returned to Jerusalem when the time is right.’”[viii]


Now about the same time as Margaret Macdonald’s vision, John Darby, among others, was playing with other elements of dispensationalism, particularly, dividing history into ages.or dispensations. After the teaching was birthed in 1830, it was still very unstructured and incomplete, but it was quickly growing and evolving due to input from several areas, especially the previously mentioned Edward Irving and his church. Many of the well-known prophecy teachers of today are trying to credit John Darby with the origin of the teaching because he was a very well educated man who authored many books. Apparently, they are embarrassed by the humble origin from a young Scottish girl and want to give it a more prestigious beginning. Or they are trying to muddy up the waters so we can’t trace the teaching to a clandestine beginning (my theory). This credit to Darby is unfounded and incorrect. In fact, he went to see Margaret and her family shortly after she was gaining a little notoriety for her vision.[ix] 


This is more evidence that the dispensationalist leadership likes to pretend doesn’t exist. Their boy Darby prized this revelation so much that he took credit for it, or rather allowed others like his friend and biographer Hugh Kelley to give him credit without Darby correcting him. Darby also wrote vague statements in his memoirs twenty years after the fact that could be interpreted as him claiming the rapture as his own. Is this what you would expect from a shepherd of the flock? Nevertheless, he headed out promoting, improvising and adding to this new doctrine, coming to America several times and traveling all across the country to do this. On at least one occasion he went to Saint Louis and met with Presbyterian minister James H. Brooks, who was Scofield’s mentor. MacPherson states that Darby met with Scofield.[x] I also believe they met and that it was no coincidence, but preplanned.


Author Joseph Canfield points the significance out. He writes “Convert Scofield ‘happened to be in the one city in North America which had been singled out by John Nelson Darby for concentrated “planting the seed” of Darby’s special brand of Bible teaching.’”[xi] I believe this was just one figurehead (Darby) chosen by the behind-the-scenes controllers, passing the torch of  their false doctrine on to his successor (Scofield). It would be hard for them to hide the fact that they never had money problems when promoting this pretrib teaching. As “luck” would have it, there always seemed to be wealthy benefactors nearby. This included men like eccentric banker Henry Drummond, who was involved from the beginning , making his resources available to Irving’s church in London and continuing to support the movement. Researcher Robert L. Pierce noted “…Darby’s unusual mobility, for his day and time and his seeming lack of financial problems.”[xii]   Scofield had Union 76 oil baron Lyman Stewart, Arno C. Gaebelein and some of his wealthy friends who chose to remain as anonymous as possible.


1870’s --- Apparently it was decided that it was time to more fully unleash the corrupted manuscripts on an unsuspecting Protestant world. At this time John Darby translated his own Bible version, which was based on the Alexandrian manuscripts. Also utilized at this time were two of Satan’s infiltrators in the Anglican Church. Fenton John Anthony Hort and Brooke Foss Westcott; both of which had been founders and members of several occultic clubs including the Hermes Club, the Ghostly Guild, the Society for Psychical Research, etc. Their eerie interests included automatic writing, crystal gazing, mediumship, multiple personality, necromancy, levitation, and they rubbed elbows with the likes of H.P. Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society.[xiii] On top of this, these two were also Anglican priests. Westcott gave hints in his writings of his true disposition, making mention of “initiation in the Mysteries…deep in mystic rites…purified with holiest water.”[xiv]


Since Westcott and Hort led double lives, contrasting greatly between Christianity and occultism, it is no wonder they were interested in multiple personality, which as more of us are finding out, actually stems from generational satanic families who employ systematic traumas and satanic ritual abuse on their victims to divide the mind and create these personalities. How far must one go to be considered an apostate in the Anglican church? You wouldn’t let them translate your bible, would you? Well in all truthfulness, if you are reading from practically any bible other than the King James, then you have let them translate your bible for you.  Practically all the major modern versions are based on the Westcott-Hort Greek texttypes, which come from Sinaiticus, Vaticanus and the Greek Septuagint translation of the Old Testament. These are all Mystery Religion manuscripts. While the King James Version, on the other hand, is derived from the Hebrew Masoretic texts and the Textus Receptus.


If you sincerely want to know the truth about which bible is God’s true word, then I urge you to read New Age Bible Versions by Gail Riplinger. This will clear up any doubts about who has the more reliable manuscripts and which bible truly glorifies the Lord, also exposes which ones prepare the way for the acceptance of the Antichrist. Since I wrote above that ‘practically all the major modern versions’ are based on the corrupted manuscripts, that might prompt the reader to say “hey, what about the New King James? It’s supposed to be based on the same Greek and Hebrew as the original King James Bible.”  To which I would respond that the book New Age Bible Versions also documents many translational errors in the NKJV. In addition to this, the  NKJV has the Masonic symbol of the triskele plastered all over the front cover[xv]   , and it has been given a strong endorsement by 33rd degree Freemason Billy Graham, which is also often printed on or inside the front cover. I would therefore conclude that this is a bible for masons and not Christians.


1881 --- The Brothers Grim (Westcott & Hort) release their collection of fairytales (the Westcott-Hort greek texttypes) and out of this comes the Revised Version of the Bible, a present to the Protestant world from the Vatican. No thank you—Return To Sender.


1909 --- Cyrus I. Scofield, having been won over by illumination of the new revelation, joined the team and with that previously mentioned financial help, released his Scofield Reference Bible. Cyrus wanted to use the bible of his heroes, Westcott and Hort, for this project. However, he knew that due to the prominence of the KJV and the meager results of the Revised Version sales, that his dispenationalist teachings would never get anywhere if coupled with the R.V. So he used the KJV, but he subtly showed his contempt for it and his reverence for the Revised Version. This is how he did it. Everywhere that the King James disagreed with the Revised Version in an area of doctrinal importance, Cyrus inserted a footnote stating the KJV was incorrect and he always offered a “more correct” rendering which was almost always identical to the RV.


Here are a few of the examples of his footnotes, which I’ve borrowed from the Not Deceived Network.


(some of Scofield’s footnotes found in the Scofield Reference Bible)

         Page 1022, Matthew 16:20, margin note "c"
         Omit "Jesus."

         Page 1023, Matthew 17:21, margin note "j"
         The two best MSS. omit verse 21.

         Page 1031, Matthew 23:14, margin note "s"
         The best MSS. omit verse 14.

         Page 1057, Mark 9:29, margin note "u"
         The two best MSS. omit "and fasting."

         Page 1061, Mark 11:26, margin note "i"
         Verse 26 is omitted from the best MSS.

Page 1325, 1 John 5:7, margin note "o"   
It is generally agreed that v.7 has no real authority, and has been inserted.

Page 1069, Mark 16:9-20, footnote "1"  

The passage from verse 9 to the end is not found in the two most ancient manuscripts, the Sinaitic and

Vatican, and others have it with partial omissions and variations.


Page 1201, Romans 8:1, margin note "b"
The statement ends with "Christ Jesus"; the last ten words are interpolated.

Page 1212, 1 Corinthians 1:8, footnote "2"
A.V. has "day of Christ," #2Th 2:2 incorrectly, for "day of the Lord"

1216, 1 Corinthians 5:5, margin note "d"
Some ancient authorities omit "Jesus."

Page 1271, 2 Thessalonians, Introduction
The theme of Second Thessalonians is, unfortunately, obscured by a mistranslation in the A.V. of 2:2 where "day of Christ is at hand" See [1Co 1:8] should be, "day of the Lord is now present" (See [Isa 2:12], ref).

Before C.I. Scofield passed on, he passed the torch of illumination on to his faithful disciple Lewis Sperry Chafer.

The Seeds Are Fertilized…

1924 --- Lewis Sperry Chafer founded the Dallas Theological Seminary. Remnants of the torch that he received from Scofield can be seen in the Seminary’s logo as the Masonic Eternal Flame[xvi], sitting atop the scriptures. This one institution is without a doubt, the most responsible for disseminating the heretical teachings of dispensationalism and the pretribulation rapture. It is my hope that the reader will see links which have surfaced, forming a chain to create, shackle and direct the dispensationalist movement from the beginning. Millions embrace the teachings of this movement, believing it comes from the throne room of God. Others promoting it have been aware of its true source and clandestine purposes and have conspired against the true Body of Christ. It is the latter that I have tried to point out.

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