The following appears in the 2nd Edition of Dave MacPherson’s  The Rapture Plot in Appendix F and is reproduced here by permission. I recommend you pick up a copy of it if you need an antidote to the lies about the origins of the pretrib rapture being propagated by hucksters in fine suits. What does it say about a man’s character when he will steal other men’s work? Can you trust him? Can you believe he is hearing from the Lord when he writes a book about Bible prophecy?








      The appendix you’re now reading has in mind literary stealing, commonly known as plagiarism. Webster’s New Col-lege Dictionary defines plagiarism as “passing off as one’s own” the “ideas”or “words” or “products” of someone else.

      Writers who use the ideas or words of others without permission or without giving proper credit are plagiarists.

       For starters, let’s compare part of a recent Jack Van Impe article in his own publication (“The Moment After,” Perhaps Today, March/April, 2000, p. 5) with part of a Grant Jeffrey book (Final Warning, 1995, p. 306).

       Van Impe wrote: “The early Christian writer and poet Ephraim the Syrian (who lived from A.D. 306 to 373) was a major theologian of the  early  Byzantine   Eastern   Church.  To this day, his hymns  and homilies are used  in  the liturgy  of    the Greek Orthodox and Middle Eastern Nestorian Churches. He also wrote a large number of commentaries that have never been translated into English.”

       Match that with what Jeffrey had written earlier: “The early Christian writer and poet, Ephraim the Syrian, (who lived from A.D. 306 to 373) was a major theologian of the early Byzantine Eastern Church….To this day, his hymns and homilies are used in the liturgy of the Greek Orthodox and Middle Eastern Nestorian Church….he also wrote a large number of commentaries that have never been translated into English.”

       Nowhere did Van Impe even mention Jeffrey or his book. And it wasn’t the first time he had handled Jeffrey’s material in this manner!

       ( Interestingly, even though Paul Alexander---whom Jeffrey described as the “most authoritative” scholar on the early Byzantines --- viewed  “Pseudo-Ephraim” and not Ephraim the Syrian as the author of the manuscript in which Jeffrey claimed to find pretrib, Jeffrey, copied by Van Impe, continued to refer to only Ephraim the Syrian!)

       My 1998 book The Three R’s  uncovered, among other things, the massive and embarrassing plagiarism in books authored by some leading prophecy writers, including C. C. Carlson, David Jeremiah, Hal Lindsey, and even the late Merrill Unger!

       Additional similarities in print, equally shocking, have been discovered in recent days.  On the following pages I will offer comparison quotes from some other influential prophecy books and let you decide who should wear the “guilty” label.


Jerry Falwell & Friends


       Compare George Dollar’s A History of Fundamentalism in America (1973) with The Fundamentalist Phenomenon (1981), edited by Jerry Falwell with Ed Dobson and Ed Hinson:



Dollar, pp. 93-8:                            Falwell et al, p. 104:

“Harry Emerson Fosdick…was              “Harry Emerson Fosdick …was

born near Buffalo, New York on            born near Buffalo, New York, on

May 24, 1878….he attended                   May 24, 1878.  He attended 

Colgate, where he…revolted                  Colgate, where he…revolted

against orthodox views….at                  against. . .orthodox teachings.. .

Colgate…came under the…                   At Colgate he was influenced by 

influence of…William Newton               William Newton Clarke. . . trans-

Clarke….transferring to Union               ferred to Union Seminary and Col-

Seminary and Columbia Univer-            umbia University.  At Union he

sity….One major influence on              was influenced by the importance

Fosdick at Union was the stress            of a social consciousness. . . . He

on the social application…. He              was challenged by the influence

found the social gospel of Rau-            of Rauschenbusch, who was the

schenbusch . . . .challenging . . . .          pioneer champion of the social

From 1904 to 1915 he was pastor           gospel. His preaching…utilized

of the Baptist church at Montclair        the Bible and extrabiblical sources

, New Jersey….his sermons… on          in dealing with problems . . From

problem-solving … drew from…           1904 to 1915 Fosdick was pastor at

within the Bible and outside. . . .           the Baptist Church at Montclair,

From 1919 to 1925 he supplied the        New Jersey. From 1919 to 1925 he

pulpit of First Presbyterian Church           supplied the pulpit of the First

in New York . . . . In May, 1992,              Presbyterian Church in New York,

he preached a sermon entitled               After his famous sermon in May

‘Shall the Fundamentalists Win?’         1922, ‘Shall the Fundamentalists

. . He resigned from First Presby-          Win?’ he was forced to resign

terian church . . . . From 1925 to                from the Presbyterian Church.

1930 Fosdick served  the Park Av-             From 1925 to 1930 he served at

enue Baptist . . . . Rockefeller was         Park Avenue Baptist. In 1930 a

willing to give a large sum for the         new church was erected and paid

erection of the new edifice, and by             for by John D. Rockefeller: the

1930 the very beautiful Riverside          Riverside Church in Morningside

Church was ready in Morning-              Heights  in Manhattan. The

side Heights in Manhattan . . . .             church…provided the public

Riverside provided a pulpit for               forum for Harry Emerson Fosdick

Harry Emerson Fosdick . . . .The            His pulpit ministry was so impres-

National Broadcasting Company           sive that the National Broadcast-

was so impressed by his stature            ing Company allowed him free

that it gave him free time on                   time on Sunday afternoon for the

Sunday afternoon for ‘National             broadcast of the ‘National

Vespers.’. .He retired from Union           Vespers.’ Fosdick retired from

Seminary and Riverside Church in         Union Seminary and Riverside

1946.”                                                          Church in 1946.”



         Dollar, pp. 217-218:                  Falwell et al, pp. 126-7

“. . .the Baptist Bible Fellowship .          “Much of the vision and momen-

. .owes its origin to the ministry              -tum of the Baptist Bible Fellow-

and inspiration of J. Frank Norris.          ship came from the leadership of J.

. . .in the late 1940’s serious ten-             Frank Norris. During the late

sions arose in the [World Baptist]         forties, many of the preachers [in

Fellowship, and several of its                 the World Baptist Fellowship] be-

younger pastors broke away. . . .           gan to experience disillusionment.

Among these were G. Beauchamp          . . .a number of men, including

Vick, John W. Rawlings, Noel                 Vick, John W. Rawlings, Noel

Smith, W. E. Dowell and Scotty              Smith, W. E. Dowell . . .and Scottie

Alexander. . . Papers to incorpo-            Alexander, left the World Baptist

rate a new school were taken out           Fellowship and formed the Baptist

on June 29, 1950. . . In Springfield,         Bible Fellowship. . . On June 29

Missouri . . . for the academic                 [1950] papers were taken out to

year  1971 - 1972  over  two                     open a new school, in Springfield,

thousand were enrolled. . . . the             Missouri. . .by 1970 more than

printed voice of the BBF has                  2000 were enrolled . . .the Baptist

been the Baptist Bible Tribune             Bible Tribune, edited by Noel

with its able and outspoken                    Smith. This served as the officia

editor, Noel Smith. He has been             publication for the newly formed

especially effective in uncovering         BBF. Smith devoted his energies

unbiblical teachings among                    to such matters as error among

Southern Baptists. He has been             Southern Baptists, dealing with

equally sharp in his criticisms of            communism, the National and

communism, the National and                World councils of churches, and

World Councils of Churches, and         modernism. Through the years he

Modernism…He has been openly         also dealt with the issues of Billy

against Billy Graham’s evangel-             Graham’s evangelism…” 




          Dollar, pp. 242-3:                   Falwell et al, pp. 131-2:  

“Southwide Baptist Fellowship. . .         “One of the prominent fundamen-

of Fundamental Baptists in the               talist influences in the Southeast

Southeastern section of our nation               is the Southwide Baptist Fellowship.

owes its origin to a meeting of                It was founded on March 20, 1956,

pastors in Highland Park Baptist            with 147 charter members at High-

Church in Chattanooga, Tennes-           land Park Baptist Church in Chat-

see, on March 20, 1956. . . . There          tanooga, Tennessee. This organi-

were 147 charter members. . . .Its            zation was designed to provide

purpose was to provide a fellow-           fellowship for pastors of funda-

ship for men of Fundamentalist              mentalist Baptist convictions. The

Baptist convictions. . .Among the         early members of this group in-

first members were such men as             cluded Lee Robertson, John R.

Lee Robertson, John R. Rice,                  Rice, Harold B. Sightler, J.R. Faulk-

Harold B. Sightler, J. R. Faulkner,           ner, Wayne Van Gelderen, Norman

Wayne Van Gelderen, Norman G.           G. Lemmons, Gene Arnold, Bob

Lemmons, Gene Arnold, Bob                  Gray, Bob Bevington, and John R.

Gray, Bob Bevington, and John              Waters. . .One of the leaders of

R. Waters. . .Lee Robertson of                this fellowship has been Lee

Highland Park Baptist has held a            Robertson of Highland Park

commanding place of influence in          Baptist Church in Chattanooga,

the Southwide Fellowship be-                 Tennessee. He is pastor of the

cause  of the 33,000-member                    33,000-member Highland Park

church he pastors and the growth          Baptist Church and is founder of

of Tennessee Temple Schools.               Tennessee Temple Schools.

..composed of  a Bible college, a             Currently Tennessee Temple

liberal  arts  college,  and a                       University  includes  a Bible

seminary.”                                                   school, a liberal arts college, and a







Tim LaHaye


          Hal Lindsey’s The Late Great Planet Earth (1970) fol-

lowed by LaHaye’s The Beginning of the End (1972):



            Lindsey, p. 188:                              LaHaye, p. 12:

“ In the early centuries, the Chris-         ‘”Maranatha’ …gained popularity   

tians had a word for greeting and           in the first century and became a

departing;  it  was  the  word                   common mode of greeting and    

‘maranatha.’”                                              parting.”


            Lindsey, pp. 70-1:                           LaHaye, p. 74:

“the Cossacks have always loved           “The Cossacks still boast of hav- 

horses and have been recognized            ing the finest horseflesh in the

as producing the finest army of                world. . .Russia. . . the supplier of

cavalry in the world . . . the coun-            weapons to future invaders of

tries . . . as part of this great army             Israel,  is today the leading manu-

are already armed with weapons               facturer of weaponry.”

created and manufactured in






           John Walvoord’s The Blessed Hope and the Tribulation

(1976) followed by LaHaye’s No Fear of the Storm (1992):



             Walvoord, p. 12:                            LaHaye, p. 206:

“the Alexandrian school of theol-              “the Alexandrian school of theol-

ogy in Egypt [that tried to] harm-               ogy from Egypt that seemed to  

onize systematic theology with                  merge biblical theology with Pla-

Platonic philosophy.”                                   tonic philosophy.”   




         Lindsey’s There’s A New World Coming (1973) followed by LaHaye’s Understanding the Last Days (1998):



          Lindsey, p. 280:                             LaHaye,  p. 191:

Evidently each person has a  re-              “It may be that each one of us has

cording angel” (Lindsey also                    a recording angel.” (LaHaye also

quoted Eccl. 12:14)                                      quoted Eccl. 12:14)


          Lindsey, p. 281:                        LaHaye, pp. 192,194:

“The New Testament refers to the           “The New Testament refers to the

‘Book of Life’ eight times, and al-             book of life eight different times,

though the Old Testament doesn’t            and although the Old Testament

call it by that name, it refers three             does not call it by that name, it

times to a book in which names                does allude three times to a book

are written. This book contains                 in which names are written…The

the name of every person born                 book of life is that book in which

into the world. If by the time he                the names of all people ever born

dies, a person has not received                into the world are written. If, at the

God’s provision of sacrifice to                 time of a person’s death, he has

remove sin, then his name is                     not called upon the Lord Jesus

blotted  out  of  this  ‘Book  of                  Christ for salvation, his name is   

Life.’”                                                            blotted out of the book of life.”






Charles C. Ryrie


      Compare Hal Lindsey’s The Late Great Planet Earth (1970) with Dallas Seminary Professor Charles C. Ryrie’s The Living End (1976):



         Lindsey, p. 82:                               Ryrie, p.70:

“a great and formidable boundary            “a formidable boundary between

between the peoples east of it                  those who lived east and west of

and those west of it. . .and is                    it… scarcely fordable at any point

scarcely fordable anywhere or                  …or at any time . . . From 300  to

any time . . . from three to twelve              to 1,200 yards wide and 10 to 30

hundred yards wide, and from ten           feet deep” (Ryrie gave no credit to

to thirty feet in depth” (from J.A.             either source.)

Seiss’s The Apocalypse which

Lindsey credited.)


         Lindsey, pp. 84-85:                        Ryrie, p. 72:

“the real sleeping giant of Asia                “The Giant Comes to Life… She

was awakened…they went from              exploded her first atomic bomb in

the testing of a crude atomic                    1964, and tested her first H-bomb

bomb to the successful test firing           two and a half years later.” (Ryrie

of an H-bomb in two and one half           gave no credit for any of this.)

years” (part of this was a citation

of  the  Bulletin  of  Atomic




       Compare Lindsey’s There’s A New World Coming (1973)

With Ryrie’s The Living End (1976):



        Lindsey, pp. 90-1:                        Ryrie, pp. 38-9:

“After  a  period  of  writing  [a                  “After a scribe had finished writ- 

scribe] would stop, roll the parch-             ing a section of the scroll he    

ment enough to cover his words,              would stop, roll up the scroll to

and seal the scroll at that point                  that point, and seal it. Then he

that point, and seal it. Then he                   would begin again, stop, roll up

writing, stop again, roll the scroll,              the scroll, and affix another seal.

and add another seal…it was to                 In this way he prevented any

prevent unauthorized persons                   unauthorized person from tamper-

from tampering with the scroll or               ing with or divulging the contents

reading and revealing its con-                    of the scroll. Only a duly author-

tents. Only a ‘worthy’ person                    ized person could break those

…could have legal access to the               seals…When a Jewish family was

scroll’s message…when a Jewish              forced to sell its property or

family was required to forfeit its                 possessions, the loss was listed

land and possessions through                   on a scroll and sealed seven times.

some distress, the property could              By law, the property could not be

not be permanently taken from                   taken away from them permanent-

them. Their losses were listed in a             ly, so the scroll contained the rec-

scroll and sealed seven times, the             ord of the loss and and what

conditions necessary to purchase             would have to be done in order to

back the land and possessions                  get the property back. When a

were written on the outside of the             qualified person came along to

scroll. When a qualified redeemer              redeem that property, then it was

could be found… the possession              returned to the original owners.”

[was returned] to the original                      (Ryrie again gave credit to no

owner.” (paraphrase of a W.A.                   one.)

Criswell work which Lindsey






Paul Lee Tan


      Compare Hal Lindsey’s The Late Great Planet Earth (1970) with Dallas Seminary Professor Paul Lee Tan’s A Pic-torial Guide to Bible Prophecy (1991):



        Lindsey, p. 65:                              Tan, p. 111:

“In discussing Tubal he said,                  Tubal, the fifth son of Japheth,

’Tubal is the son of Rapheth                    was the founder of the Tibereni, a

[sic], founder of the Tibereni, a                people dwelling on the Black Sea,

people dwelling on the Black sea             west of the Moschi.” (Gives no

to the west of the Moschi.’”                     credit.)

(Credits Gesenius).


           Lindsey, p. 67:                              Tan, p. 113:

“All authorities agree on who                  “Most scholars agree that ancient

Persia is today. It is modern Iran. .           Persia is today’s Iran…It would be

.It would be much more difficult               much more difficult to move a

to move a large land army across             large land army across the Cauca-

the Caucasus Mountains that                  sus Mountains that border Tur-

border Turkey, than the Elburz                 key, than the Elburz Mountain   

Mountains that border Iran.                     that border Iran. Iran’s general ter-

Iran’s general terrain is also much           rain is also much easier to cross

easier to cross than Turkey’s.                  than Turkey’s, although both

Transportation, however, will be              routes apparently will be used.”

needed through both countries.”


           Lindsey, p. 69:                              Tan, p. 114:

“Gomer…’settled on the north of             “Gomer…settled on the north of

the Black Sea, and then spread                 the Black  Sea and then spread

themselves southward and west-             south and west into eastern Eu-

ward to the extremeties of Euro-               rope.’”

pe.’” (Credits Young)                                 (Gives no credit).


          Lindsey, p. 70:                               Tan, p. 114:

“…Ashkenaz, ‘The Rheginians’              “…Ashkenaz or ‘The Rheginians,’

and a map of the ancient Roman              which would place them in the

Empire places them in the area of            area of Poland, Czechoslovakia,

modern Poland, Czechoslovakia,             and East Germany (to the Danube

and East Germany to the banks of           River).”

the Danube River.”


           Lindsey, p. 70:                               Tan, p. 114:

“…in rugged mountainous ter-                 “…horses are still the fastest and

rain, horses are still the fastest                 surest means of transporting

means of moving a large attack-               troops, light and heavy artillery,

ing force into battle zones. Isn’t it           and field equipment over moun-  

a coincidence that such terrain                 tainous terrain. And the terrain

stands between Russia and the                between the king of the north and

Israeli?”                                                        Israel is mountainous.”


          Lindsey, pp. 93-4:                           Tan, p. 109:

“Charlemagne tried to do this in               “Charlemagne in A.D.800 tried it,

A.D.800. . .was crowned by the                and he was crowned by the Pope

Pope as Emperor Charles Au-                   as Emperor Charles Augustus…

gustus…Napoleon…snatched                 Napoleon crowned himself. . . .

the crown from the Pope and put             Hitler said his Third Reich would

it on himself…Hitler…said his                  last a thousand years.”

Third Reich would last a thou-

sand years.”


          Lindsey, p. 136:                              Tan, p. 68:  

“’My dear friends in the congre-              “’My dear friends. Bless you for

gation. Bless you for coming to                listening to me. I know that many

church today. I know that many               of you have lost loved ones in 

of you have lost loved ones in                  this unusual disappearance of so

this unusual disappearance of so             many people. However, we believe

many people. However, I believe              it was God’s judgment on them,

that God’s judgment has come                  for their uncooperation and

upon them for their continued                   division on the majestic advances

dissension and quarreling with                 of Society and the Church on

the great advances of the church             earth. Now that the separatists are

in our century. Now that the reac-            removed, let us really unite in the

tionaries are removed, we can                   great  goal  of   universal    

progress toward our great and                  brotherhood, love and peace on

glorious goal of uniting all man-                earth.’”

kind into a brotherhood of recon-

ciliation and understanding.’”




      Well, there you have it --- just a fraction of the sloppy and devious scholarship I’ve run into lately.

       If you’re interested in obtaining my book The Three R’s which uncovers the huge amount of plagiarism in some of the leading pretrib works on both sides of the Atlantic since the year 1830, call (800) 967-7345 for more information.

       Do you still believe that the any-moment, pretribulational rapture view inspires holy living?