Case Number:  CV-S-01-0714-PMP-PAL

Filed This Date:  September 18, 2001


Stewart A. Webb,

And in behalf of

Amanda Melia Webb

Plaintiff's Minor Daughter,

And in behalf of

The People Of The United States of America

And the United States Government.

(702) 362-9567

P.O.Box 31052

Las Vegas, Nevada 89173-1052






Kerre Sue Millman (Co-Conspirator /Plaintiff's ex-wife and Attempted Murderer of Plaintiff's Daughter Amanda Melia Webb)


Leonard Yale Millman (Co-Conspirator Bush Crime Family Money Launder/Kingpin/Scamster/Terrorist "The Denver Connection")



Elaine Ruth Millman (Co-Conspirator)


George Herbert Walker Bush (Co-Conspirator Ex CIA Director/Former US President)



Neil Bush (Co-Conspirator Former Director Silverado Savings & Loan) (Note:


Jeb Bush (C0-Conspirator Governor Florida) (Note:


Carl Lindner (Co-Conspirator Bush Crime Family Money Launderer/Kingpin/Scamster "The Ohio Connection")


(1 of 8)

Gale Norton (Co-Conspirator US Secretary Of Interior/ Former Attorney General Colorado) (Note:


Phillip D. Winn (Co Conspirator Convicted Hud Figure/Former Swiss Ambassador/Pres. Pardoner MDC Director) (Note:


Larry A. Mizel (Co Conspirator CEO MDC Holdings, Inc. Parent Co. of Silverado/Imperial Savings) (Note:


Norman Phillip Brownstein (Co-Conspirator Council to CIA Director George Bush Current Bush Crime Family Attorney, Former MDC Director)



Oliver North (Co-Conspirator) (Note:


Hillary Clinton (Co-Conspirator CIA Counsel US Senator Ny.) (Note:


William Jefferson Clinton (Co-Conspirator CIA Agent/Former US President) (Note:


Charles Keating (Co-Conspirator CEO Lincoln Savings/CIA Operative) (Note:


Federico Pena (Co-Conspirator Former Mayor Denver, Co., Former Secretary Transportation/ Resigned Sec Energy while under indictment) (Note:


Wellington Webb (Co-Conspirator Mayor Denver, Colorado)


Meyer Blinder (Co- Conspirator CEO Blinder/Robinson/National Brokerage Group of Companies) (Note:


Linda Thomas (Co-Conspirator Judge Dallas, TX.)


Zita L. Weinshenk (Co-Conspirator US Federal Judge Denver)


Edward Nottingham (Co-Conspirator US Federal Judge Denver)


Sherman Finsilver (Co-Conspirator Retired US Federal Judge Denver)


Henry Solano (Co-Conspirator Former US Attorney, Denver)

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Michael J. Norton (Co-Conspirator Former US Attorney, Denver)


Greg C. Graff (Co-Conspirator Assistant US Attorney, Denver)


Thomas O'Rourke (Co-Conspirator Assistant US Attorney, Denver)


F. Joseph Mackey (Co-Conspirator Assistant US Attorney, Denver)


Charles Szekely (Co-Conspirator Assistant US Public Defender, Denver)


Charles Sandage (Co-Conspirator)


Lee Redneick (Co-Conspirator Inspector General US Department of Justice Public Integrity Section Washington. DC.) (Note:


David Mann (Assistant Inspector General  US Department of Justice Washington DC.)


Robert Pence (Co-Conspirator Former FBI/sac Denver)


James M. Lyons (Co-Conspirator Director MDC)


Allan Karsh (Co-Conspirator Denver Kingpin Leonard Millman's Brother-in-law)


Ted L. Gunderson (Co-Conspirator Former FBI/sac LA, CA., Current Illegal CIA Operative/Missile exportation, Narcotics Importer/Scamster)



Thomas Gaule (Co-Conspirator Convicted Killer, Las Vegas NV. Mental Case/Sidekick-Co-Conspirator to CIA Ted Gunderson)


Anna May Newman (Co-Conspirator Former employee for CIA Agent Clint Murchison side-kick-to CIA Ted Gunderson)


Las Vegas Police Department

(Unnamed co-conspirators)


Las Vegas District Attorneys Office

(Unnamed co-conspirators)

Las Vegas FBI Office

(Unnamed co-conspirators)


(3 of 8)

Las Vegas US Attorneys Office

(Unnamed co-conspirators)


Nevada Attorney General's Office

(Unnamed co-conspirator)


Additional Yet Unnamed Defendants 1-1000 and Co-Conspirators






     COMES NOW, the Plaintiff, Stewart A. Webb, pro se, and moves the District Court to enter orders directing the Federal Grand Jurors to hear allegations and testimony of the Plaintiff and others, (in secret) concerning the above named and Yet unnamed Defendants and their participation in a Continuous Criminal Enterprises, Racketeering Influence Corruption Organization (RICO), Obstruction of Justice, (under color and cover of law) Narcotics trafficking into the United States of America, Racketeering and Conspiracy to defraud the People of the United States of America.

(The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals holds that a prosecutor may not prevent a citizen from presenting a complaint to the Grand Jury. "To fulfill its function of protecting individual citizens and providing them with a forum for bringing complaints within the criminal justice system, the Grand Jury must be open to the public for the independent presentation of evidence before it.  If the Grand Jury is available only to the prosecuting attorney and all complaints must pass through him, the Grand Jury can justifiably be described as a prosecutorial tool...We therefore hold that, by application to the Circuit Judge, whose duty it is to insure access to the Grand Jury, any person may to the Grand Jury to present a complaint to it."

Furthermore, the Court continues, a prosecutor may not render unsworn testimony in an attempt to dissuade the Grand Jury from hearing the Citizen's evidence.  Finally, a writ of prohibition will lie to prevent a prosecutor from attempting to discourage the Grand Jury from hearing the complaint.  (Miller v. Smith; W Va Sup Ct App, 12/18/81).

     If a U.S./District Attorney fails/refuses to sign and execute a valid Grand Jury Indictment, the Grand Jury can hold that U.S./District Attorney in Contempt and order the Sheriff or Marshals to arrest and hold him in jail until he either signs and executes the Indictment or else resigns his job as U.S./District Attorney (Public Servant).  This is the absolute power of the Grand Jury, and the Sheriff/Marshal, as executor of the Grand Jury's will.


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     Plaintiff, along with others (numerous witnesses) unnamed at this time, have documentation and evidence from "first person" observation that will show above named Defendants and unnamed Defendants and others have engaged in Continuous Criminal activity for an unspecified period of time and have defrauded the united State of People and the Government of the united State and of several States by actions which are codified in the United States Code as criminal in nature and that have duly been passed by the Congress as Criminal Activity.

Plaintiff requests that a US Federal Citizens Grand Jury be convened at the earliest practical time so that this testimony and presentation of evidence may be offered.

     Plaintiff, having been related through marriage to Leonard Yale Millman and Elaine Ruth Millman, has observed specific criminal activity with respect to the business operations and affiliations of Leonard Yale Millman (an organized crime figure) and his direct and indirect participation with other Co-Conspirators and Co-Defendants named and unnamed in the captioned case and demands the opportunity to testify to a Federal Grand Jury relating to these Crimes.

     Plaintiff is well apprised of making false statements to a government agency under 18 USC 35, 1001, 2071 and others and demands to bring forth evidence under oath or affirmation as to the substance of these allegations.


Plaintiff wishes to notice the Court and that it would be a MISPRISION OF FELONY under 18 USC 4 to fail to disclose felonious acts that have been witnessed by or that have come to the attention of the Plaintiff.  Plaintiff and others are also aware that Treason and Sedition against the United States of America and its People have been committed by the above named and unnamed defendants and Co-Conspirators.




     Plaintiff wishes to bring forth evidence to the Federal Grand Jury concerning crimes, which have been committed against the United States of America and its People.  Plaintiff will show through evidence and testimony that various felonious acts including Perjury to arrest Plaintiff,

Theft through Government Contract Fraud, HUD Fraud, FDIC Fraud, Attempted Murder of Plaintiff, Attempted Murder of Plaintiffs Daughter, Murder, Intimidation, False Imprisonment to Silence A Federal Whistleblower/Informant, Perjury,

Malious Prosecution of Plaintiff, High Treason, Obstruction of Justice, Bribes paid to obstruct justice, Narcotics Trafficking, Money Laundering, Real Estate Loan Fraud, Securities Fraud, Oil and Gas Fraud, Savings and Loan Fraud,


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Blackmail of US Congressman and Senators and other public officials, extortion,

Attempted murder, murder and the cover up there of, intimidation of witness, false arrests and imprisonment of plaintiff and witness, have been committed by Defendants, both named and unnamed

Under the Federal Criminal Statues embodied in Several Titles of United States Code Both Civil and Criminal as follows:

In Violations of the following named and unnamed Laws and US Codes:

Please Note: Venue Quo Warranto Government Official refuses to do their jobs.

I am note educated in law and am pro se litigant there are numerous other violations that can be presented upon testimony).


Numerous Violations of Due Process of Law.

Plaintiffs federal claim arises pursuant to the Federal Whistleblowers Act/Judicial act 31 USC 3729 through 3732.

And the following:

Quo Warranto (Public Servants refuse to do their job)

Money Laundering Control Act

Uniform Child Custody Jurisdictional Act

28 USC 1391

Bank Secrecy Act

Titles:18 USC 1503 Intimidate a Witness,

18 USC 1510 Obstructing a Criminal Investigation,

18 USC 1512 Tampering with a witness, Victim or Informant,

18 USC 1512 Engaging in Misleading Conduct

18 USC 1512 (a) (l) (c) Criminalizing the Act of Preventing Communications to Authorities when the Communications relate to the possible commission of Federal Offenses

18 USC 1513 Retaliation against a witness, victim or an informant

18 USC 4 Federal Reporting Crime Act (whoever having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the united States, conceals and does not, as soon as possible, make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the united States shall be fined not more than $500.00 or imprisoned not more than three years or both).

28 USC 1331 Violations of the Barkley Cole Indenture Act.

28 USC 1343

28 USC 1443

42 USC 1983, 1985, 1986, 1987 Civil Rights and Whistleblower case laws.

18 USC 1001 Perjury and false complaints

18 USC 371 Defraud the United States

18 USC 1002, 1003, 1005, 1006, 1007, 1008, 1010, 1011, 1012, 1016.

(6 of 8)

18 USC 1927 Through 18 USC 1967 (RICO) Racketeering, Influence, Corruption, Organization Act

18 USC 1960, 1901, 1905, 1911, 1952, 1956, 1957, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964 (RICO)

Civil RICO

Continuous Criminal Enterprise Act (CCE)

18 USC 241 Conspiracy

18 USC 242 Conspiracy

31 USC 3729 False Claims Act

22 USC 445 (Treason) Neutrality Act of 1939

22 USC 447 Neutrality Act of 1939

18 USC 1505

18 USC 1514

18 USC 1515

18 USC 1701

18 USC 1702

18 USC 1708

18 USC 1909

18 USC 2071

18 USC 35 Imparting or conveying false information.

18 USC 494, 513, 641, 648, 656, 657, 658, 664.

18 USC 921, 926, (a) 929, 969, 982.

18 USC 1163, 1344, 1345.


18 USC 2382 Misprision of Treason

18 USC 2383 Rebellion or Insurrection

18 USC 2384 Seditious Conspiracy

18 USC 3130----3730 Money Laundering

18 USC 1968 Civil Investigative Demand

18 USC 2521

18 USC 1621, 1622, 1623.

18 USC 1113

18 USC 875 (c) Death threats against Plaintiff beginning in 1984. And others.

18 USC 1117 Conspiracy to Murder Plaintiff.

18 USC 1952 (a), 1952 (b), (4) (3)  (6)

18 USC 2251, 2252, 2253, 2254.

18 USC 3109

18 USC 2421, 2422, 2423.

18 USC 3057, 3059, 3060, 3071, 3076, 3077.

18 USC 1503

28 USC 1331, 1332,

28 USC 1391

(7 of 8)

18 USC 1983----1985

18 USC 2381, 2382, 2383, 2384.

Therefore, premises considered, this action is properly grounded in both jurisdiction and venue under the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure (F.R.Cr.P.)


WHEREFORE, premises considered and good cause having been shown that these allegations are in the public's interest, Plaintiff moves the Court to grant the convening of a Grand Jury at a specified time and place as the Court deemed proper so that Plaintiff and others may bring forth evidence to demonstrate that violations of the Laws of the united States of America have been violated and that Defendants are currently

Engaged in an Ongoing Continuous Enterprise and the Plaintiff and others lives are in danger of this filing.


Respectfully submitted,





Stewart A. Webb

September 18, 2001





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