The Bohemian Grove and the Murder of Polly Klaas


July 13,2001


Polly Hannah Klaas was kidnapped at knifepoint from her bedroom slumber party on October 1, 1993, the community of Petaluma, California responded with a spontaneous and unprecedented effort to find her. Thousands of volunteers from the San Francisco Bay Area and across the nation joined in what became an international search for the missing 12 year-old. Her dead body was later recovered and Richard Allen Davis was charged with the murder.


I recently received this information below anonymously and am posting it unchanged. I have no way to verify this information. It is my hope that if there are other criminals involved as this report below attests to, that posting this will help flush out those other evil entities engaged in the rape and murder of Polly Klass. Was the case over when Richard Allen Davis was found guilty and sentenced to death? Or was the Bohemian Grove Club a silent accomplice?  J.E.Whisler




Important story written for Bob on the Job, and the American's Bulletin concerning the Richard Allen Davis abduction and rape of Polly Klass, and the delivering of Polly Klass to the Bohemia Grove Club, where she was further raped, tortured, and sacrificed to the elite's Satanic Gods. This matter in part, is why George Bush Senior had Bob on the Job, Robert E. Lee Lewis arrested and placed in a Federal Detention Center. Because Bob had proven that the Pedeluma Police Department and the two police officers who had been on duty that night, had lied at the Polly Klass, and Richard Allen Davis murder trial.  


Bob went to the Pedeluma Police Department's radio maintenance man, who informed Bob that the two police officers had lied about they're never receiving the radio report that Polly Klass had been kidnapped. The two Police Officers claimed at the trial that they had never received the Police Department radio transmitted alert of the kidnapping, because they had claimed that they're Squad Car's radio was not working.   Bob went and recovered the first hand testimony of the radio maintenance technician and Bob had discovered that the maintenance technician had fully repaired the Squad Car radio and the two Pedeluma Police officers were proven to have lied at the trial about having never received the kidnapping alert. 


Bob further discovered from the Pedeluma district Coroners office that Polly Klass's body had been turned over to the County Coroner from the Bohemia Grove Club. Bob also went to the women who had been blocked from testifying at the trial, who had witnessed Richard Allen Davis raping the tied and bound Polly Klass on the women's property just after he had kidnapped Polly Klass from her home and just before Richard Allen Davis was to deliver Polly Klass through the CIA/Wackenhut Security and to his controllers at the Bohemia Grove Club. This women further informed Bob that she had witnessed the two Pedeluma Police officers stop their squad car near the car that Richard Allen Davis was driving while Richard Allen Davis was raping Polly Klass, and the two Police Officers even witnessed Richard Allen Davis raping Polly Klass, and the women had noticed that Richard Allen Davis was in an extensive drunken and semi-drugged and semi conscious state.  


 The women also observed as the two Pedeluma Police Officers then assisted Richard Allen Davis with the placing of the gagged, and bound Polly Klass back into the trunk of the automobile that the Richard Allen Davis was driving. The two police officers also picked up the alcoholic beverage containers that Richard Allen Davis had littered on the ground around the automobile that he was driving. The elites have so much power that the law enforcement authority for the entire State of California and particularly within a hundred mile perimeter around the Bohemia Grove Club are completely under the command of the elites and their globally all powerful Bohemia Grove Club network, and their New World Order Banking hierarchy.


Bob's Polly Klass investigation served as one of Bob's many articles that had been written for the American's Bulletin newspaper. The news edition that carried Bob's first story was a first in a series of Bob's stories about the Polly Klass Murder Investigation. The news edition was then sent to the family of Polly Klass, and as well, the news edition was further circulated to more then three hundred thousand concerned American Citizens. This story struck home with the elite's New World Order and their members at the Bohemia Grove Club. The elites have so much power that their hierarchical controlled police officers, and police authorities will cover up the elite's extensive criminal activities and even work in complicity to even cover up the elites extensive criminal activities.   These elites and their hierarchies are all powerful, and have gotten away with their murder, rape, sacrifice, genocide, theft, conspiracy, etc., etc., for a long long time due these hierarchies being the all powerful Satanist Mafia and global banking network.






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