by James Whisler
posted June 14, 2009

   To the left is an undoctored photograph of mine, showing an 'encounter' I had in 2007 with Manu Ginobili of the San Antonio Spurs. It looks pretty clear that Ginobili's about to get his lights punched out. However, what the photo doesn't reveal is that I'm actually reaching for a Spurs hat that I gave him to sign for my nephew. This he graciously did, making it unnecessary for me to actually take a swing at him.  (I say this facetiously - Ginobili is a very congenial person and I'd like to think that I am, too.)
  I chose to introduce this particular photo, however, in order to illustrate an obvious point: that pictures, whether they be literal ones or the kinds we allow deft delineators to paint upon the canvasses of our minds, can be very deceiving.
    When it comes to subjugating the masses through deceptions - in fact, the greatest deceptions in history -  one group towers (clandestinely) above all others. Their success and survival depend upon their spellbinding powers of illusion. Love 'em or hate 'em, if you know them at all, you likely know them as the Illuminati. Like the fallen angel they serve, they in turn have their own pitiful hirelings busily trotting about, ridiculing anyone who tries to expose their actions and even their very existence.
Unfortunately, the other side of the coin is that an overwhelming majority of the people out there 'exposing' the Illuminati are also on their payroll. These naysayers, gainsayers, and all-around disinfo agents collectively make up what is known as controlled opposition. So, no matter how it looks, they are all on the same team. Now, how do we tell whether some professed whistle-blower is genuine opposition or controlled opposition? How can we get them to say sibboleth? It may be impossible to identify them all, but there are ways to sniff many of them out. If and how they deal with certain issues is obiously one of the most effective methods (and usually much easier than trying to discover their behind-the-scenes connections).  We just need to view the scene from a better camera angle.

Let's look at a very apropos example of possible errors of perception involving two veteran adversaries of the New World Order:
why, for instance, is someone like my unobtrusive friend, researcher Fritz Springmeier, framed and thrown into a federal prison for nine years, while someone like Alex Jones, who has 'infiltrated' the Bohemian Grove, publicly challenged George W. Bush on the Federal Reserve, and shouted down countless "New World Order minions" with his trusty bullhorn, is left alone and even given plenty of publicity in the main stream media, gratis?

What is it that Fritz addressed that Jones and most of the alternative media totally ignore or only deal with superficially? Fritz wrote (along with Cisco Wheeler) about Monarch mind control. He answered the what, who, when, where, why, and how, in necessarily grisly detail, regarding Monarch; and more importantly, he offered very valuable information on how to help a victim break free from this programming. He also presented a good case for why this is the most serious threat facing a free society -- the ultimate goal of the Illuminati is, after all, complete control over the minds of all mankind.  Their modus operandi as well as their identities must therefore be constantly obscured. Hence, they perpetually hide behind fronts (beginning with secret societies, elite clubs, and government agencies), which in turn may hide behind other fronts (i.e. various political and religious movements, cults, legitimate businesses, including shell corporations, cutouts, and public organizations of all sorts). Before dabbling in Monarch, some of their more general methodologies of control must be glanced at briefly.

Wayfarers Sidetracked from the Most Noble Quest   



                         Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.                                                                                                                                                                             Matthew 15:14

    Godspeed to you, brave pilgrim, if you are among those who have undertaken the divinely appointed quest to follow life's most honorable path. As you must know, this path is indescernible to most, for it can only be illuminated by uncompromised truth. Beware the smooth-tongued blind guides and rogues that await you, especially along the more perilous parts of your journey, when your mind is confronted (as it inevitably will be) by one or another of the innumerable ideological ditches we must all face. These saboteurs, desperate to please their nameless, faceless overlords, would lure you into a ditch and trap you there...forever. Not unlike the enemy in Christ's parable of the sower, they tirelessly plant the seeds of deception to hinder and obscure seeds of truth, faithfully sown by more honorable and upright men. We've just seen examples of these two contrasting types of men above, with Alex Jones and Fritz Springmeier. Do the bullhorn and the faux prison bars in their respective photos make it difficult to determine which man sows which type of seed? (Remember, pictures can be deceiving.)
    The ultimate answers one seeks obviously can never be found in ideological ditches. Therefore, no rational person would ever knowingly allow himself or herself to be caught in one. But, yet it happens. And even though there's always a way out, most who fall in will never find it. Here's why: each ditch is really just an either/or dichotomy trap, always providing two diametrically opposed directions of travel. It matters not to the puppet masters which way you choose, so long as you pick from the two directions offered. Step into this trap, however cautiously, and you will still inevitably tumble right down to bedrock. By the time the dust settles, tunnel vision will have set in and you will mistakenly believe that your eyes have finally been opened to the true path. Yet more astounding, you will become convinced that you must and will defeat those going the opposite way by faithfully marching in your chosen direction and by encouraging others to do so. The leader in front of you is blind, but of course you cannot see that. No matter, he has a sturdy shoulder for you to rest your hand on and his now-familiar, comforting voice bids thee keep following.
    What is the ditch, if not just a set of imaginary boundaries running parallel on either side of you, which you have created, with the help and influence of others, within your own mind? Drawing from emotions, personal experiences, and all manner of data (some true, some false, and some incomplete), your perception is capable of constructing very powerful boundary walls. If the walls are not challenged, they will undoubtedly remain "solid" and the quest will ultimately fail. Initial assaults on the walls will always originate, not from within you, but from the outside. Their confining power can only be weakened significantly by proven facts repudiating the ideologies they help to form. Destroying the walls (or getting out of the ditch) and getting back on the true path means first turning aside and acknowledging or conceding to said facts. (Perhaps this current article series will assail some walls much in need of demolition.)  Diligent search must then be made for more suchlike facts, for each one offers a step up and out of the ditch. It is only at the point when most can "see" the way out that they will then feel at ease taking their hand off the shoulder of the blind guide in front of them and tuning out his voice for good.
    The greater the initial challenge, the better. For example, when a Jewish lawyer, "willing to justify himself" in regard to God's commandment to 'love thy neighbor,' asked Christ, "who is my neighbor," he was given the famous parable of the Good Samaritan for his answer (cf. Luke 10:25-37). In effect, Christ was issuing the most exceptional of challenges to the fallacious barriers entrenched in this man's mind. This was no doubt necessary, due to the strong influences that social class and racial issues had had for years upon his sanctimonious attitude, i.e. the Jews are far above every heathen race and the priestly caste is the most righteous of them all. The picture of reality in the lawyer's mind needed to be corrected; he needed to be shown things from a different angle. Hence, the neighborly (or compassionate) hero of the story incomprehensibly turned out to be the despised Samaritan, rather than the noble Levite or the priest. Whereas the Samaritan, perpetually hated by Jews, had saved the life of a Jewish traveler, robbed and left-for-dead on the treacherous road to Jericho, the priest and Levite, two of the most celebrated role models within their society, had gone out of their way to avoid helping that same poor victim by passing by on the other side of the road. The actions of the latter two quietly testified to the true callous nature hidden deep within the lawyer's own heart. At the end, when Christ asked him which of the three "was neighbour unto him that fell among the thieves" he could not even bring himself to say the word 'Samaritan.' Instead, he answered, "he that showed mercy on him." At least this was a start. Then Jesus said to him, "Go and do thou likewise."
   Even a simple story, as we see, can begin the process of helping one escape from a 'false dichotomy' trap. Nevertheless, of all people, a man avowing his own proficiency in God's perfect law should have had an objectivity to match. The greater one's overall objectivity, the more one is able to face these ideological ditches in life 'head on' and easily leap over them, rather than falling in. (And yes, I am going somewhere with this).
    It's amazing how many of us are careful to avoid falling headlong into an unmistakeable ideological ditch, only to descend ever so softly and gently into another that is just as dangerous, perhaps more dangerous; and all because we have lost our objective edge. Yes, we have. Many people have long since figured out, for example, that there's no real difference between the Democratic and Republican parties. The Republicans want to steal all your money and use it to fight senseless wars while building up a police state. Whereas the Democrats want to steal all your money and use it to fight against Christian morality while building up the welfare state. And neither side is truly averse to the aims of the other, for they are both doing their part to steal your very soul while building up their godless slave-state, called the New World Order. A point goes to those who see through this left/right dialectical pitfall and shun it. We could go further along this line. Many of us have also picked up on the fact that the Main Stream Media (MSM) is complicit in this plan. They heavily censor, even falsify our news, while generally adhering to an unspoken alliance with government and corporate interests. Give yourself another point for doing your own heavy censoring, if not outright boycotting, of the MSM. Now, unfortunately, we lose points for every controlled-opposition group we choose to belong to or otherwise support, such as the ACLU, ACLJ, SPLC, NRA, Moral Majority, John Birch Society, Christian Coalition, etc. (note that many such groups are also divided along left/right lines). Subtract an additional point if you hold to the belief that the leading voices within the alternative media cannot be and/or have not been controlled or compromised. Did you break even?
    Are we delusional to the point of imagining that our puppet masters wouldn't have both the ability and the inclination to control the so-called alternative or underground news outlets, which ostensibly exist to feed the serfs strategic information necessary in outfoxing Big Brother? They've never undertaken any major venture without also creating their own opposition to it, for fear that some unpredictable natural opposition will rise to topple it. However, in the case of the New World Order, the latter is not possible. The New World Order is indestinguishable from the apocalyptic city of Babylon. Let me clarify, for those who have a less grandiose view of what Babylon is. You can move out of America and not escape Babylon. You can leave the Catholic Church (or even the Protestant Church) and still not be free of Babylon. Throughout your entire life you might never set foot in Washington, D.C., Rome, London, Iraq, or Jerusalem, and still you are in Babylon. It is a city which represents the world system or global government. It will therefore cover the whole world, and it will get its moment in the sun. Just as its builders and makers will get to share power one hour with the infamous Beast who rules it (Rev. 17:12-13). Then (and only then) will it be destroyed by God... and not by any man, with or without a bullhorn (Rev. 17:14; 18:20).
    In the mean time, the New World Order is bearing down on us like that mobile monolithic boulder in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and just as fast.

Some would have you try and ride it, some would have you stand and fight it - yet another false dichotomy: join the global community to help combat all the world's problems or fight the New World Order because its architects are the scoundrels who deliberately engineered all the world's problems. But Dr. Jones (not Alex Jones) has the only viable solution: get out of its way as quickly as possible! Polarization is their key to total control. It is always the key. And so, their controlled operatives will resort to any argument to keep you in the fight. (Forget that Christ said to come out of Babylon, not raise the sword against it - Rev. 18:4.) It remains to be seen in the future whether or not these misguided patriots will do more to you than merely brand you a coward, unworthy to be called a fellow countryman (ala Samuel Adams quotes), should you choose not to join them. My money says that they will. Their forerunners proved to be a great menace to those who avoided taking up the sword during the first American Revolution. They know that with your limited time, energy, and resources, you cannot simultaneously fight the NWO and extricate yourself from it (Alex Jones's radio show alone takes up 3 to 4 precious hours of his listeners' time each day). One might well wonder where such controlled opposition can be found these days. Look to those who shout "Death to the NEW WORLD ORDER!" the loudest. And remember, warning people about the NWO and telling them to fight it are not the same thing. Christ warned his disciples well in advance to get out of Jerusalem when they saw the city surrounded with armies of the enemy, not to stand and fight (Luke 21: 20-24).
    Let's look at the New World Order using a different analogy. This time we'll liken it to a time bomb. Now, whether or not it's actually possible to defuse the bomb, those who built and activated it believe that unless certain information is suppressed, enough ambitious people, armed with that information, could throw a monkey-wrench in the works. In light of this, the bomb-makers don't care a whit if you warn others about how evil the bomb is, how illegal it is, how it is going to kill and maim many people, or how much other damage it is going to cause. Nor do they care if you threaten to vote the bomb out of office, organize public protests against its existence, yell at it through a bullhorn until your voice gives out, declaring that you will defeat it in the end. You can gear up with guns and bullets and even other bombs to fight the bomb. But they start losing sleep at the idea of people on a large scale learning how to get out of range of both the bomb blast and its fallout; and they get much more bent out of shape if you start tampering with the wiring to their timing mechanism. This article series will clearly identify that figurative timing mechanism.
     Unfortunately, most people who are ideologically opposed to the NWO believe they are getting the most reliable news available, accompanied by the best 'battle strategies,' from those overly-enthusiastic 'paytriots' at the head of this 'truth movement.' Such dubious sources might include Alex Jones and entourage, Dave  & Joyce (Riley) "We Will Not Stop!" von Kleist, Jim Marrs, John Coleman, Anthony Hilder, Bill Schnoebelen, Ron Paul, the late Jim Keith, Michael Piper, Jordan Maxwell, Jeff Rense,  Joseph Farah, Michael Hoffman, Ted Gunderson, Michael Tsarion, Alan Watt and many others. Instead, these agents regularly feed their audiences some truth - even ninety-some-odd percent of truth - mixed with disinformation, which inevitably leads them to make false conclusions, that is, if such conclusions are not already provided. Juxtapose this with the diversionary scandals that they throw out, like dry doggy bones meant to tie their followers up in meaningless pursuits, and they start to resemble their supposed adversarial counterpart, the "Main Stream Media." They pride themselves on bringing to light the media blackouts engaged in by the MSM, hoping nobody will notice their own media blackouts. Remember: what won't Alex Jones talk about? Hint: do a Google search for Monarch mind control on his websites. While you're at it, see how much information you can find on Monarch mind control covered in his "award winning documentaries"; do a survey of how many guests he invites onto his show to discuss Monarch in detail, while offering solutions to help bring it to an end. What books and resources exposing Monarch does he endorse? How many times has he mentioned Monarch when he had the opportunity on mainstream television news shows? Yet he claims to be a champion of civil rights. Nobody's civil rights are violated more than Monarch mind control victims. Their lives can be summarized as permanent nightmares, filled with the worst kinds of mental and physical tortures imaginable. What are you doing to shine a light on that problem, Alex? That's what I thought. Like Big Brother, like Little Brother. I'm sure that for some readers, believing that Alex Jones isn't one of the good guys is akin to the lawyer mentioned above coming to grips with the fact that his countrymen, the priest and Levite, were also not the good guys.
     In all fairness to other researchers exposing Alex Jones, Monarch mind control is not the only subject he avoids (see here, here and here, for example). As the first two examples show, some researchers see his conspiracy of silence on the Jesuits as evidence that they are the ones wielding total power behind the scenes, while others note his covering up for the 'all-powerful' Jews. But I'm convinced that it is Monarch, along with the true occult bloodlines in power (who actually envisioned and created Monarch) that are the subjects they must protect the most.
     Alex Jones himself may be a Monarch slave, which would add an ordinarily unappreciated dimension to the term 'controlled opposition.' His sudden, inexplicable personality switches from a calm, lucid individual to an obnoxious, immature punk, to other characters, both in public and on his radio show, are characteristic of an MPD/DID Monarch slave.  And while others of his ilk may seem to be tackling Monarch and even the bloodline issue from time to time, in reality they are only obfuscating the situation, diverting attention toward trivial matters and otherwise hindering progress. 
   They are everywhere: Judas Goats, Blind Guides, Pied Pipers, controlled opposition, disinfo agents. And on one level or another, they all also serve as Pace Cars, yes, Pace Cars. Said another way, Little Brother strives to keep everyone's learning curve held back to a rate safe enough that Big Brother can remain unhindered, well up ahead and out of sight. To pick on Alex Jones again: on the one hand he claims to always be on the cutting edge, the leader of the pack, "the edge of the spear," as I once heard him say; while on the other hand he boasts that all his documentation comes from 'reliable'  mainstream media sources (oxymoron alert) and declassified government documents (in some cases, declassified several decades ago). I can't be the only one to see the obvious paradox here.
    Let me advise you, dear reader, that these Pace Cars certainly have no intention of politely moving aside. So, if the goal here is seeing the big picture, the true picture, in its most accurate and awe-inspiring form, then we need to carefully work our way around these Pace Cars - as they will try to prevent this - and then pass the knowledge on back so that others can do the same. Staying right behind them, at the pace they set, you are sure to lose this race.