Burning Man 2001: Satan's Birthday Party   by James Whisler
For those who are as yet unfamiliar with the Burning Man Festival, it is like nothing you've ever seen (and hopefully never will see). Founded on the Summer Solstice (a witchcraft holiday) in 1986 by a man named Larry Harvey it has grown from its humble beginnings of a small gathering of friends on Baker Beach in San Francisco to a week long festival (ending Labor Day weekend) that has been relocated to the Nevada Black Rock Desert, forming a temporary city. Boasting two daily newspapers and an unbelievable 40+ radio stations, Black Rock City's population this year was estimated at about 30,000 inhabitants from every state in the union and quite a few foreign countries. Harvey claims that the Burning Man and the Black Rock City phenomenon originated from a creative way to ceremonialize getting over a broken relationship combined with an unprecedented social experiment in the unrestricted self-expression of art and life (later on you'll see some of that 'artwork' ). One thing that he emphatically denies is that it is pagan based. I found this to be a laughable second-rate cover story. To me, the Burning Man origins obviously parallels ancient pagan celebrations when Druids burned humans in wicker cages as sacrifices to their gods at least eight times a year, on their eight major holy days, one of those of course being the Summer Solstice or Litha, a Celtic fire festival.

Larry Harvey is responsible for all major aspects of the Burning Man Project; from a new central theme that it is given each year to overseeing the design and construction of the wooden man, to the layout of the city and so on.

The city's layout for 2001 can basically be described as a series of nine concentric semicircles bisected by an access road. The Burning Man is located along this line at the center of the circles. This inner road, called the Promenade, also contains other important structures integral to this year's theme. 
Black Rock City 2001
In essence, the outline of the city streets forms the Wiccan symbol for the goddess.
We find the same symbol used for the trademark of the highly Satanic video game Quake.
Some readers may already be familiar with the Luciferian principle whereby it's believed that by creating occultic symbols, they harness powerful energies. The symbols themselves will generate energy after they are formed; this being the precise reason behind the design of the streets in Washington D.C purposefully forming masonic and occultic symbols. To quote Cutting Edge Ministries "...the greatest power of all is created in the symbol(s) if the uninitiated NEVER discover that the symbol exists."    (click here to see the more occultic layout of last year's Black Rock City)
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As each year must have a new theme, this year's theme was "the seven ages of man" . This transpires on a giant board game where each person moves among the designated stations, getting their 'passport' stamped after participating in a particular event or 'experience'. This process is supposed to symbolically take the participant through seven stages of life, which include Infant, Child, Lover, Soldier, Burning Man, Justice, and Pantaloon. The end result being that you attain wisdom by being allowed to enter the Temple of Wisdom, an altar on which the Burning Man stands. The association is thus made between wisdom and enlightenment with this Burning Man. Some of the stages had a subtle sinister tone while others were downright silly. In the Cradle you could play in this McDonald's Playland type romper room and when ready to leave, you emerge out of a largely constructed vagina. At the Temple of Tears  one could reflect on death, honor the dead and try to figure what happens when you die.
The Plastic Chapel. One of the stations in the Seven Ages. Couples could get married legally here. Ceremonial marriages were also allowed where one could marry anyone or anything, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, making a mockery of marriage.
Citizens of Black Rock City are encouraged to build their own theme camps.  There are literally hundreds and hundreds of elaborate camps set up, some returning year after year. Many of these independent camps are so disgusting and distasteful that they defy explanation. In a new age Mecca where anything goes, people can get creative in an evil way. They are encouraged to leave their inhibitions behind and they do.
Some of this year's sanctioned theme camps and events included:  (in their own words)

The Stations of the Cross Crucifixion Rally: Jesus Christ Superstar meets Gumball Rally! Run for the best time to prove who's really savior of mankind in our version of the stations of the cross.

Golden Globes: If your boobs seem much like others, let the Gold Mammys transform them into golden globes of beauty. You'll look in the mirror and say "I can't believe my tits!"  Artist will use real immitation gold, silver and copper leaf to set you apart from others.

Sundial On The Playa Noon Sun Worship: Give thanks and bless the sun. Drumming, chanting, dancing. Honor the 4 directions. Bring drums, musical instruments, Sun God and Goddess costumes.

Oil Night: Bring some oil and a towel and a partner and get slippery! The Station is a camera-free zone. All sexual orientations are welcome. Safe sex supplies provided. Immature attitudes handled maturely. The Fornication Station.

Prometheus's Revenge: A new art form, contact fire, encompasses a collaboration of live music and theatre, tells a story of how humans became gods and gods became human.

Temple of Atonement University: Extreme S&M: This is NOT about learning how to spank someone. This class is offered to those serious about developing their interest in sadomasochism beyond the beginner level. Seating is limited so arrive on time or be used as an example.

Goddess Ritual: The Mythic Power of the Dragon: This is a powerful ritual journey of the soul towards wholeness, impassioned commitment to life, and the celebration of erotic joy. Led by the Temple High Priestess and the skilled Temple Community of sacred dancers, performers, and priest/esses. Temple of Ishtar.

"...and the houses of the gods of the Egyptians shall he burn with fire."  Jeremiah 43:13b  
Ancient Kaos Egyptian Death Ritual. Attendees could make arrangements to participate in a private ritual either clothed, or nude for a more realistic effect.
One of the theme camps there was doing a presentation of the Ancient Egyptian Death and Resurrection Ritual. In this reenactment, the person is symbolically taken through the steps of mummification and resurrection into the afterlife. Translated segments of ancient Egyptian funerary texts are read aloud.  Incantations are given to help protect the soul on its path and blessings and honor are bestowed upon the deities such as Isis, Osiris, Nephthys, Horus, Sekhmet, Anubis, etc. (Exodus 23:13).  Incense is burned as part of this ritual purification process ( II Kings 22:17).  Forty-two gods oversee the judgement of the deceased where their deeds are judged in the Hall of the Dead. If they have not wronged their fellow man or offended the gods, they will be resurrected. This is verified by a final test where their heart is weighed on a scale against a single ostrich feather. If it weighs less than the feather, then their heart is pure.
There is a remarkable similarity between the above described ritual and the one candidates  must undergo in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry to obtain the rank of 31st degree,.known as Inspector Inquisitor Commander. All this and more ritualism is contained in the inconceiveably  evil Egyptian Book of the Dead, much of which forms the basis for the Egyptian Mystery Religions. Occultist and 33rd degree mason Manly P. Hall, now deceased, was under no illusions regarding the significance behind the Book of the Dead. He wrote:
"The Book of the Dead" is a singularly unfortunate modern selection of a title to cover the principle nucleus of Egyptian literary remains. The reason for the designation is obvious, but the impression created is strangely inadequate. The text is dominated by a spirit of trancendental magic." :
( Manly P. Hall, The Soul in Egyptian Metaphysics and The Book of the Dead, 1965: The Philosophical Research Society, p. 15. )
If the identity of the Osiris and Hiramic myths be accepted, then the Book of the Dead is the open sesame of symbolic Masonry, revealing a hidden beauty beneath the rituals, an unsuspected splendor in the symbols, and a divine purpose actuating the whole of Masonic procedure.
( Manly P. Hall,  33rd degree, The Lost Keys of Freemasonry, McCoy Publishing and Supply Co.mpany, Inc., p. 106-107. )
This ancient Book of the Dead deals with cannibalism, blood drinking, torture, human sacrifices, murder, dismemberment, incantations, bondage, sexual perversion, fertility rites and other comparable dark topics. Its principles deeply influence the philosophies of Freemasonry, so don't let a mason try and convince you of otherwise. To espouse these pagan and occultic precepts, even if only to "act them out" in mock rituals is to openly invite demons into one's life.  Christian researcher David Carrico substantiates this in his book The Egyptian-Masonic-Satanic Connection. He summarizes:
It is rapidly becoming common knowledge among Christian counselors who believe in demonic oppression and possession that participation in Freemasonry at any level can lead to oppression and even possession.
( David L. Carrico, The Egyptian-Masonic-Satanic Connection, self published by Followers of Christ Ministries, Evanville, IN, 1994: p.101 )
The sad thing is that just as freemasons see no danger in their symbolic ceremonies, so it is that those who participate in the Egyptian ritual and most of the events at Burning Man are also unaware and unconcerned with any demonic repercussions. I spoke with the creator of the Egyptian ritual at length after one of their presentations. A former Christian turned atheist who abandoned his beliefs because  he could find no evidence of God,he said he saw too much hypocricy in Christianity. He confirmed much of what I had  previously learned about Burning Man, including the fact that many there were former "disillusioned Christians" or considered themselves 'victims' of Christianity. Almost as if on cue to drive the point home, a pagan associate of his walked up to confer with him and upon finding out that I was a Christian, kindly excused himself and immediately walked away. I couldn't get too bent out of shape, at least this gentleman I was talking to was willing to accept a tract from me and hear me out.

" I can understand how a Christian might be offended at much of the perversion here at Black Rock City, " he said. " But surely you don't find anything offensive in the Kaos Ritual."

As I began to tell him the things I took issue with, he politely interrupted me to tell me about a Jesuit priest he had met a couple years ago at Black Rock City, who expressed his approval of what he saw at the Burning Man Festival. Interestingly enough, this Jesuit was one of those who worked on the translation of the New International Version of the Bible.  
" And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; "  Romans 1:28 
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Some artwork on display this year. This is an artist's rendering of the Lord Jesus standing behind a young boy, teaching him to bat. The slogan endorsing sodomy gives it some obviously disgusting implications, blaspheming our Lord Jesus Christ. .
'Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.'  Galatians 6:7
Reprobate essentially means rejected by God and condemned to damnation in the context of the verse above. I knew I was in a modern day Sodom and Gomorrha, but I had to believe that the Lord had not closed the door to his mercy on these precious souls. Nevertheless, my heart was broken by what I witnessed. I know Jesus loves them, I didn't need to be reminded of that, but that didn't prevent my stomach from turning when seeing men kissing and groping each other. Thousands of people were wandering aimlessly around.  To find themselves, or express themselves, I'm told. Certainly not to justify depravity, or to reverse the meanings of the words 'good' and 'evil'. There were many nude, many cross-dressers, and those just trying to look as freakish as possible. Haven't you heard? It's all art.
Certainly everyone there, in one way or another, was trying to reflect or communicate their beliefs. This includes as many pagan and occultic persuasions as you can imagine.
There were those present who were promoting NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association, and one I hadn't heard of before, the American Youth Sodomy Organization.
My heart went out to one little boy about 5 or 6 years old who was being paraded around in the nude with his spiked fluorescent hairdo, by his fully-clothed mother. I could just imagine the number of pedophiles drooling over that poor child.  I was ever so thankful to the Lord that I didn't see very many children there.  One theme camp took it upon themselves to provide a giant projection screen tv with pornographic movies for the crowds or passers-by.
I got a free lesson in updating my obsolete vocabulary. No longer are people called cheaters, adulterers or even swingers. Now they're given the more chic label of polyamorous. Aside from all of the perversion exhibited, a large part of the Burning Man art each year is the less-offensive vehicle art. There was everything on display from the macabre motif, to the much more common party-on-wheels
This is some artwork from a homosexual theme camp called Jiffy-Lube. Here, they are pictured in a protest with crowds shouting "No more censorship !! Ban homophobia !!" and "We're not going back into the closet !!"
Heavy alcohol consumption was the norm (no surprise there), even with the bring your own beer policy. I got the impression that drugs were almost as abundant, perhaps with users being a little more discreet. I did, however, witness those openly using drugs. I also found some drugs on the ground and turned them in to a Pershing County police officer who was patrolling Black Rock City.  One of the daily newspapers even printed a guide on what drugs were good to take and what should be avoided. There is such a sad irony to it all. I feel as though the devil is getting a real good laugh at the expense of humanity.  People were free, yea rather encouraged to debauch their lives and corrupt their souls to such a dark and unrecognizable degree of filthiness and unholiness, all the while being reminded of the cardinal rule "Love your Mother Earth. Leave no trace. Do not litter." As if leaving a cigarette butt out in the middle of a desert wasteland is a greater tragedy than losing your soul and spending eternity in hell. 
" ...they have no knowledge that set up the wood of their graven image, and pray unto a god that cannot save. "   Isaiah 45:20b
Saturday September 1, 2001: The Main Attraction.  I arrive early in order to get a good view of what is to transpire here, standing just outside the circular safety perimeter guarded by Burning Man Rangers. Up in the sky, a full moon is brightly shining. To my left is a truck with a large transmitting dish on top and a cameraman getting cued up to broadcast this via satellite and the internet to the thousands of people who could not be here. On my right, some pagans are busy setting up their pentagram adorned carpet on which they will sit during the burn.  Somewhere nearby, someone is chanting some strange incantation in a gutteral tone and drums are being played incessantly everywhere. The man next to me nudges me and says "Doesn't it feel great knowing that there's no other place in the whole world you'd rather be right now."
The Burning Man logo is nothing more than the universal symbol for secular humanism.  Harvey, who normally comes across as very intelligent, suddenly plays dumb when it comes to revealing the underlying meaning behind his Frankenstein creation, insisting that it is nonreligious in nature.  Literature from the B. M. organization taken from their 2001 guide simply
states "The Burning Man is a symbol of our shared humanity and equally represents men and women. " This year's theme, The Seven Ages of Man, covered earlier, aptly reflects the humanistic ideologies, leaving God out of the equation from man's birth to his ultimate attainment of wisdom.  Coincidently, Harvey chose to symbolize the Enlightenment stage with the flaming torch, a symbol which has long  represented illumination and initiation into the mystery religions.

Many adherents to secular humanism contend that it is not a religion nor is it religious in nature.  In her excellent book Masonic And Occult Symbols Illustrated, Dr. Cathy Burns demonstrates just the opposite to be true.  Dissecting the Humanist Manifesto I and Humanist Manifesto II,  she demonstrates an admission of a religious orientation several times over. Citing a good number of other sources , she makes her point:

" In fact, the [former] president of the American Humanist Association, Lloyd Morain, has stated that Humanism is '...a religion without God, divine revelation or sacred scriptures.'

"...the evidence that humanism constitutes a religion is, in fact, overwhelming. Webster's New International Dictionary has defined it as a 'contemporary cult or belief calling itself religious but substitutes faith in man for faith in God.'

" The AHA is described in the Encyclopedia of American Religions and former AHA president Lloyd Morain and his wife Mary (who was the director of the International Humanist and Ethical Union which has 4 million members) wrote a book titled Humanism as the Next Step, wchch declared that "HUMANISM IS THE MOST RAPIDLY GROWING RELIGIOUS MOVEMENT IN AMERICA TODAY.' "
( Dr. Cathy Burns, Masonic And Occult Symbols Illustrated, Sharing, Mt. Carmel, PA, 1998: pp.87-93 et seq.)
Taken from the Burning Man theme camp Church of Mez, which takes you through a step-by-step process to help you realize your divinity.
Foundationally based on evolutionary principles, secular humanism essentially teaches that along with evolving towards godhood, man is his own saviour and the wisdom he contains within himself provides the answers to all his problems. To quote the influential humanist Corliss Lamont:

" Humanity has before it the opportunity to become a conscious cooperator in the process of planetary evolution . . .Today we are intelligent enough and conscious enough to see the patterns and cycles that converge to form human destiny. Today humanity can take an active part in molding that destiny and not be simply the unwitting subject of the forces of change . . .Avant-garde psychology is affirming amazing human potentials which, when cultivated, lead to states of consciousness which have always been called divine . . .Therefore, there is no need for humanity to retreat into a scripturally induced helplessness and self-contempt . . .We are, in fact, divine beings. We are equal to immense challenges if we dare acknowledge and release our full humanity."

                                                                      (World Goodwill Newsletter, July-Sept. 1982 reproduced by
                                                                                                Constance Cumbey, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow,
                                                                                                Huntington House, Inc., Shreveport, LA, 1983: pp. 227-238)
Author Constance Cumbey connects the dots between the satanic New Age Movement and the secular humanist movement in her book The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow. It's a movment with participant organizations combined to form a giant SPIN (Segmented Polycentric Integrated Network), which resembles a fishnet in design, with each associate member representing a knot. This is much more effective this way, because attacking an individual link has little effect on the whole movement and cannot take it down. Cumbey has ample documentation showing their interconnectedness through their common goals and open associations. She writes:

The New Age Movement, called by Marilyn Fergusen The Aquarian Conspiracy, and deriving its name from the so-called Age of Aquarius, encompasses a number of groups and submovements, such as: the Holistic Movement, Humanistic Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Humanistic Movement, New Thought, Third Wave, Third Force, The New Spirituality, the Human Potential Movement, Secular Humanism and Humanism.

Contrary to the assertions of the New Agers that their conspiracy lacks dogma, there is a discernable body of teachings dominant within the movement. While many paths may be employed to reach the trance-like state they encourage, once that state is reached, the paths are nearly identical from that point forward.

                                                                                                ( Constance Cumbey, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow,
                                                                                                    Huntington House, Inc., Shreveport, LA, 1983: p. 55 )
Compare statements made above by Morain and Lamont with those made in the Lucis Trust's World Goodwill Newsletter:
" For his great achievements man, utilizing the resources and the laws of Nature, yet without Divine aid, can take full credit. Similarly, for his shortcomings he must take full responsibility. Humanism assigns to man nothing less than the task of being his own saviour and redeemer."

                                          ( Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated, p.98 )   
They say that the Burning Man means something different to each of the participants (called burners); that if you ask 25,000 burners you will get 25,000 different answers.  I found there to be a common component among those that I queried. It seems that for many, this wooden idol symbolizes someone on whom they can cast all their cares, their problems, their sins; and a load is lifted off their shoulders.  A popular tradition is to write all your concerns out on paper and throw them in the burning embers. One man actually told me that the Burning Man is just like Jesus Christ, and that he can go back and face his family, his job, his life with
renewed vigor after attending this ritual. Many people tend to get emotional over the whole experience, expressing a reverence and big changes in their way of thinking. At this year's burn, as the fire was dying down to a safe level, the rangers, upon determining that it was safe, dutifully allowed the people to approach it. I braced myself as thousands of devotees on either side and behind me rushed forward, as they do every year, to be closer to their idol. There he was, this ominous 79 foot tall wooden idol, rapidly burning away with his arms raised up, not in worship of the one true God, but in defiance. For he symbolizes that antichrist spirit, reassuring mankind to have faith in himself to be his own god and saviour. Cumbey states succinctly enough: " Humanism has a theology and a god, but that god is ourselves and Lucifer..."  (Cumbey, p. 150 )
Burning Man has all the makings of a great pagan holiday with Made in the U.S.A. stamped on it. It's got the drummers, dancers, trancers, fire and a central idol, etc. Perhaps that was the intention from its inception.  I toy with the idea that some powerful luciferians in this country commissioned Larry Harvey to be a front man and provide a cover in order to establish a uniquely American paganistic-/-humanistic holiday over time without arousing suspicion. It is a curious fact that Harvey chose to reschedule the event from the Summer Solstice to Labor Day weekend.  While Labor Day in America may have been started by well meaning unions over a century ago, it is nevertheless a man-centered holiday, focusing on his acknowledgement of his own labors.  We see a similar symboitic blending of paganism and humanism take place in Europe each year when they celebrate their Labor Day and the satanic/ wiccan holiday of Beltaine both on May 1st.

The reader may do well not to snicker too soon at the prospect of Burning Man becoming  an American cultural holiday. Each year it grows astronomically in popularity. It continues to attract the attention of national media, where it is usually treated favorably if not neutrally. There's talk of expanding it to the eastern half of the U.S., perhaps Florida, to take place simultaneously with the event at Black Rock City. Can you imagine, if the Lord mercifully allows this country to prosper long enough, that your grandchildren or even your chidren may one day, along with millions of others, be placing a wooden man in their yard, to set on fire on the traditional day and perhaps throw papers with their deepest problems and most hidden transgressions written down into its embers, while celebrating some sort of "shared humanity." 

" Never gonna happen!! Not in this country!!"  you say? Oh really? Could you please tell me why you buy a pumpkin every year, carve a hideous face into it, put a candle in it and set it in your window on the most celebrated satanic holiday of the year? And why you dress your children up like witches and ghosts to go begging for candy on that same night? I rest my case. ( click here for some more revealing comments on the meaning of Burning Man by founder Larry Harvey.)  
In her analysis of New Age author Benjamin Creme's book The Reappearance of the Christ, Constance Cumbey noted the following points on the topic:

Skimming Creme's book further, I learned that this false Christ intended to inaugurate both a new world government and a new world religion. This religion would feature "mass planetary initiations."  Initiation would, in fact, be the heart and core of the new world religion. They were going to change times and laws. Traditional Jewish and Christian holidays would be replaced with pagan festivals such as Wesak Festival and a Festival of the Christ..."

                                                                                        ( Cumbey, p. 89 )
The Burning Man ritual does have some things in common with the two holidays mentioned above and Larry Harvey has described it as being a type of initiation. However, aside from all the facts and circumstantial evidence presented here, I cannot as yet determine if there were any clandestine plans behind the creation of Burning Man by Harvey or anyone else. I will say that I have never seen anything more openly evil in this country and the devil and his demons definitely play a major part in its celebration every year, which is why I call it Satan's Birthday Party. 
" He hath showed thee, O man what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee..." Micah 6:8
A Personal Spiritual Odyssey
There were those there who interested in nothing more than the opportunity to express themselves by engaging in activities as unconventional as painting their naked bodies green and dancing around a fire barrel, while many others actually believe that Burning Man, this poor man's version of the Bohemian Grove is a necessary part of their sacrosanct pilgrimage to a pseudo-spiritual enlightenment.  In the midst of all this, the Lord was making use of the situation to guide me along in my own spiritual journey.  I had been staying with my brother here in the little town of Empire, Nevada and I heard about the upcoming annual Burning Man Festival which takes place about 15 miles away.  Knowing just a little about it and being under the mistaken impression that it was not much more than a party, I  made myself available to the Lord if he wanted to use me as his witness at this gathering. It seemed like a good opportunity to improve my deficient witnessing skills and gain a little boldness in my faith.

After picking up a flyer which laid out the entry costs, it was clear to me that the only way I could afford to attend was with a residence pass which costed $25, versus the standard fee of $250 (ouch).  Since I didn't have $250 or proof of local residency, which was required for the local pass, I prayed to the Lord that if it was his will for me to go, I would be able to obtain a local pass with only proof that my brother was a resident, but not myself.  I went out to their makeshift office a couple days before the festival week began and they gave me the local pass without hesitation. The atmosphere troubled me somewhat so I went home immediately to do some research on it. Upon reading a Christian expose'  written about it, I got so nervous that I didn't go near BRC for the first three days. The third evening I was pouring my heart out to God, telling him that I didn't feel like I had fasted or prayed enough to prepare, that I had some personal conflicts in my life that would interfere with my abilities, also that Christians had warned me that I shouldn't go, in addition to other excuses. He ever so gently answered me " I didn't choose you because of your faith in yourself and your abilities, but because you said  ' Here am I, Lord send me.' --  Now please trust in me." 

An overwhelming peace came over me and I repented of having tried to back out. I went out to the massive Black Rock City the next day, passing out tracts and witnessing to people. I went only to the areas that God directed me to and avoided the areas and events he told me to avoid, which included keeping my eyes from wandering where they shouldn't be. I couldn't help but feel that I had dug up some of my gold talents which I had long ago buried and finally invested them into the Kingdom of Heaven out there on the 'playa'.  I hope that from now on when I see someone with the unusual 'burner' profile, I won't be able to just walk past them on the opposite side of the street, wagging my head and exclaiming to myself "That poor fool is on his way to hell." I don't know about you, but I still have plenty of gold coins I need to dig up and invest before the Lord returns.

So What's your Point?
"So where are you headed with this, James? You're making much fanfare of pointing out the obvious. You talk about idolatry and paganism; this country is full of idolatry. You point out homosexuality, pedophilia, pornography and various sexual perversions. Those are problems that permeate all areas of our society.  You make a big deal out of drug and alcohol abuse you witnessed.  Once again, look around you; these problems exist everywhere in America. "

Are you seeing my point? As I was leaving the Burning Man ritual, the Lord impressed upon my heart that this country would be judged for it. In commenting on a 200 point drop in the stock market for the week prior to Labor Day, Lou Dobbs of CNN's Moneyline stated that just about every year at this time, it takes a dive and then quickly recovers shortly after Labor Day. Christian author John McTernan has shown where the Lord has judged this country using natural disaters as well as the stock market, in response to its abominable actions. The World Trade Center tragedy of September 11, happened ten days after Burning Man, and while I believe that Burning Man strongly contibutes to the judgements  that are to befall this country, I wouldn't say that the WTC disaster happened specifically because of it. What I believe is that the Lord has shown me that Burning Man and all that takes place at Black Rock City represent a microcosmic model of the major abominations in America that God will judge.  Although I am thankful that George Otis Jr. has written on Burning Man to warn Christians, I feel that his prescribed solutions  involving spiritual mapping are unbiblical.

If you are a Christian who has had your righteous indignation stirred up by what you have read, I encourage you to intercede and pray that the Lord forgives us for the abominations that take place throughout our country, which are best manifested at Burning Man. I would suggest praying for the salvation of those who attend and sponsor the event, especially Larry Harvey. He has much to answer for on Judgement Day. Through the power of prayer, we could see the Lord bring an end to Burning Man.

If you have read this article and are not a Christian, but have been convinced of your own sinfulness and the need for a saviour, please see our salvation page.

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Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.  Proverbs 14:34

Addendum: September 7, 2002...Well another Burningman Festival has come and gone.  Over the last year, I have received some flack from angered burners declaring ludicrous my analogy of judgments coming from the Christian God upon this nation (ie. economic and natural disasters as stated above) as a result of the blatant immorality and perversion as well as the overwhelming paganism and idolatry at Black Rock City. I offer the following news items of events transpiring punctually after this year's Burningman:

1) Disastrous Twister Tornado Rips Through Wisconsin Town sept.3

2) US stocks suffer biggest fall since Sept. 11 attacks sept.3

The Dow Jones dropped 355 points the first day the market was open after Burning Man.
The Dow Jones opened at 8663.5  and closed at 8308.05 for September 3, 2002.
To the scoffers and the skeptics who cry 'coincidence!' I ask  "Do not your cries ring hollow in even your own ears?  What excuse will you offer next year?"